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218. Distant shell explosion not seen or heard: Tympanic rupture, cere- 219. Mine explosion: Organic and functional symptoms Smyly, 1917 ... 302

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decisions depend the success or the ruin of many legitimate ambitions. But on this subject I have very few words to say So long as a specific virus of the disease has not yet been

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but the eminent German psychiatrist, before mentioned, was constrained to alter his diagnosis of this cosmopolite from The group is represented by 16 cases (Cases 147-162).

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plication of electro-coma therapy, and though it is which the therapist and patient can talk over diffi- solving the problems occasioning his patient's dis-

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dissolution. The man is sometimes conscious of his approaching end, and calls his wives and children around him, and says farewell.

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their insensibility to pinching, the difficulty of turning in a short circle, or of backing. The high fever, disproportionate to the ap-

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they are old, or to condemn modern methods because they are new ; I merely state the reflections which the comparison of

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rigoureuses comme la punition sévère des directeurs (entrepreneurs) cou- pables de fraude et des peines égales furent infligées aux chirurgiens ou

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enlargementit of the kind before us, than those in health; extent of tubercles in ihc liver of rabbits, by feeding them naraly any organ, that citlier nature or art may lake so mk of the

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we find distinctions equally striking ; the copper-co- loured American, for instance, appears in no less a degree to differ from the two others. It is in vain to argue

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it was rebuilt at the beginning of the eighteenth century, and has been added to since. Harvey, who discovered the circulation of

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«4M is B<;li;rvmB nconaturura, or ccllular-tisHUO hardvning, which is doeided disturbaueo of cireubtion in the outer porlions of the

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Stria' ta cor'pora tnper'na poeterio'ra, Ofdfic'uli seen exposed in the lateral ventricles of the hrain, however, arise mere ] oeb riorly, ami adhere m< rely

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of bleeding only from 1970 on; and never informed of the possibility of orchitis. As far as the quality of consent is concerned, the evidence suggests that

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into her head, whether important or unimportant, whether relevant or otherwise. She is specially asked not to suppress any idea because

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pldegmon, meaning, literally, to burn, then it is that purulent matter forms, the parts slough or mortify, and gangrene ensues.

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quick mercur}-. Calcination by salt is when the metal is formed into very thin the metal is formed into plates, stratified and reverberated with sulphur.

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broth, a tangled mass of long lilanientous bacilli upon salted agar, while young cultures show an active serpentine motility. Animals

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British Government has the right to arrest persons when any well-founded ground for suspecting them  be spies exists. Great popular resentment has been created by the reports of

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ology. These two subjects were taught as one, and Chaussier very appropri- ately had been given this chair in the Paris School of Health. His associate

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assumed, and promjit surgical exploration is demanded. Kahn does not think that deductions drawn from military experiences should be

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offspring when crossed with other breeds the same tendencies to flesh and hardihood that they themselves possess. This is an ex-

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never performed it. SHARP (S.) (A Treatise on the Op. of Surgery, 1740, p. 220) observes: " There are in armies a great many instances of gunshot wounds

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ed his discharge, he was seen, two days after, carrying a hea- vy load on his back to his father's house. Extacies and pos-

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tee on Ophthalmology, described a case of double optic neuritis occurring from a "violent fit of anger" and successfully treated with leeches, potas-

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in the necrotic plaques and false membranes there are spores and In the rumen, reticulum and manifolds, the mucosa and sub-

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Med. and Surg. Jour., 1866, Vol. XXI, p. 200). The reporter states that : " Gunshot wounds of the scapulo-huitieral articulation are to be resected in

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the subjects of intrauterine amputation or of embryonic malformation. Prob- ably the most celebrated of this class was Marc Cazotte, otherwise known as

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a half before me, that there scarcely existed in the habitable globe, a place where the inhabitants have enjoyed so large a share of this invaluable


Contents. — l. Bd. : Von den Anfangen bis zum Wiederaufleben der Wissenschaften. The great events in the history of science from 2650 B. c. to 1903 A. D., chrono-

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the temperature of 54, 50, and under a pressure equal to 28 inches of the barometer, is 1 oz. 2 drachms and 48 gr. to the cubical foot, or 0.444 of a grain to a cu-

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the yolks of 4 eggs, pre\'iously well beaten together. — 8. Compound decoction of linseed (see liquid medicines 9. Spei'maceti \ oz., olive oil 3 oz. ; melt together, and

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opia — s. Fellis, [cterus — a Lentia crystalline, morphopsia — b. Nigra. Amaurosis — b. Ocnli, Ca- SfGAit. 1>i\uetic, Glucose — s. Fruit, Glucose

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violent and continued grief, from disappointment, par- ticularly disappointed love, the disease is particularly obstinate. If sleep does not relieve ; if emetics and

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August Friedrich Hecker. Erster Theil Leipzig, G. J. Hecker, Justus Friedrich Karl, 1 795-1 850. 86x0.9 laoo '•••• Geschichte der Heilkunde. Nach den Quellen bearbeitet von

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delphia and London : W. B. Saunders & Company. Cana- dian agents : J. A. Carveth & Co., Limited, 434 Yonge Street, Toronto. 1905. Cloth, $4.00 net; sheep or half

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between that of the os occipitis and of the parietal bones ; but at theorbitar process, from the pressure of the brain will be obvious that the trepan cannot be applied over

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cotic and stimulant. Euphorbium fSihunda), and the root of the Abrus precatorius, Oleander {Karahira), Helibore (Kata Id), and the

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In June there was greater improvement; in fact, there was We here deal with a cerebellar syndrome plus a hemian- stuttering. Persistent hemiplegia, probably organic.

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to Rush Medical College, forming the nucleus of the now fine library of that On January 1, 1847, Dr. Allen married Miss Mary Marsh of Kalamazoo,

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the atmosphere which surrounds this earth to be a homo- geneous substance, in nowise affects the general principles of their philosophy ; for it is the same thing, as far as regards

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inner edge thin, sharp and markedly concave, gives attachment to fascia. The movements of this rib are slight, consisting of a slight up and

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See Aretaeus, Alex. Trallian, Celsus, Sennertus, Hoff- Madness; Muzzelon Melancholy; Cullen's First Lines, the West Indies; nyctanthes arbor trtitis Lin. Sp. PI. 8;

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to open the institution within two weeks after the meeting. For two weeks men and women were engaged to scrub and clean the

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jaundice, syphilis, etc. Syn., Hog-resin. G., Dragon. I. See Dragon' s-blood (3) (Illus. Diet.). 2. Traga- Q., Flooted, names applied m Australia to different

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therapy. Megdad Zaatreh, MD, in neurology, along with Eldad Hadar, MD, in neurosurgery, direct the epilepsy sur- gery program and perform hundreds of evaluations a year.

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oils, if they are prepared or coagulated according to Spagyric and Alchemical Art, pour forth varnish, electuary, gum, or a kind of resin, which might also

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engagement at Atlanta, Georiiia. July "iOtli, 1804, by a eonoidal nnisket ball, which fractiu'ed the rifrlit parietal bone. Ho was

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anxious for him fo go back again fo them whcn the war d. not think o. We couhl nof gêt any British news- Eg]and had j«ined in, and I ara .,re the German

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and cartoons are those of the writers and artists and do not necessarily represeni the opinions of the Medical Alumni Association, University ol Maryland School ol Medicine, and the

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I mois; faiblesse congénitale, 2 fois, i heure, 7 jours; noma, i fois 22 mois. Infections gastro intestinales de l'enfance: 4 fois, i an; 8 mois, i an;

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Regulations; interagency consultations; definitions, safeguards, (f) The Secretary of Health and Human Services, after consultation with the heads of other Federal departments and

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" To the practitioner of medicine and to the advanced student this volume constitutes, ■we believe, the best exposition of the present status of the science of physiology in the

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in a lixivium (previously prepared from tartar, wood ashes, and quicklime) for half a day, so that it may be alkalised. Then sprinkle over it iij. parts each of

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fectually stop a tertian; and a much larger quantity must be taken in the interval of a quartan. As the in- lerval of the fits of a quotidian is short, we must be

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