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tubes being left in to irrigate the partially closed cavity. But it is not exceptional to see, even after extensive operation, the infection spread up and down, neees-
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subsidies removed, services decreased, and employment opportunities lessened. Now. SAPs encourage export agriculture and discourage infant industries. They
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there was a total of 105 cases with loose bodies in the knee joint, in 61 of which operation was performed and the mechanical derangement; practically the only condition
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4. Private J. Saiiner, Co. I, 8th rennsylvania Cavalry. Gunsliot wound fracturing teiitli and eleventh ribs, and penetrating
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Gruels of definite strength for their mechanical effect on the curd of the milk, and then, by altering the character of the carbohydrates, adapt
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kannte man schon im XIII. Jahrli. ; weiter bei Chyträus [Cap. 16] die pommer. Dialektform bamsteen [XVI. Jahrb.] Etwas später Bildungen wie Bornstein, Börnstein, Brennenstein,
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the median line. The missile shattered his watch before entering the walls of the thorax, and, as appeared in the sequel, some
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Pains, labour — t. Post partum, see Pains, labour. torpor of the — t. Intestinorum, Constipation — t. and its sheltered situation from the bleaker winds,
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be felt striking between the fifth and sixth ribs, about four inches from tlie median line. In this position it rests upon
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altered by contact with active substance in such a way that they commence to produce it. The effects that active substance exert on bacterial cells to
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relation to the time of donation, the potential effect upon the immediate supply of AHF and the long-term production of this essential plasma
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eight, in whose bladder a metallic sound was broken off. The fractured piece of sound, which measured 17 cm. in length, made its exit from the
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Canada. In 1775, the regiment was in Upper Canada, some companies being at Niagara, and others at Detroit. In 1776, part of the regiment was sent to Lower Canada, and in 1785 it
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Yazoo and Mississippi rivers, carrying produce to New Orleans. Then he be- came purser and business manager of a Mississippi river steamer. Returning
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medical records. And part IV is an introduction to the records collected and created by Finding the most general information about the activities of the federal government
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6 Dr. II. McGuiitK, in a Lecture on Gunshot Wounds of the Joints (Richmond Me.d. Jour., 183(5, Vol. I, p. 147), after remarking that "gunshot
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large. 1 Fractures of the spinous processes of the upper dorsal vertebral were noted in most CASK 1440. Private G. W. Stacks, Co. C, 17th Iowa, aged 28 years, was wounded at Tilton, Georgia, October 13, 18G4,
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erwähnt: aber schon auf Seite 155 liest man, dass die Frau herumgehen kann „en attendant que les eaux se formeront" und ein wenig weiter
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advanced to any extent and assumed a grave character are prac- An important element in treatment is to do away as far as pos-
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(1902), in fowl diphtheria or epithelioma contagiosum by Marx and Stocker (1902), in hog cholera by Dorset, Bolton and McBryde (1905), in molluscum
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without any public uotice having been given, stealthily came together in the Mayor's office." The resolutions themselves do not purport to be
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described by Sir Michael Foster as an expositor, rather than an investigator, of science, but even as a teacher, and there were none
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I tissue. S., Ad'ipose, one containing a liberal proportion of fat. S. botyroi'des, a grape-like variety of sarcoma found in the cervix
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the stomach " ; No. 2, " to retain the internal vital heat of the system, and cause a free perspiration"; No. 8, "to scour the
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investigator in Bushman's lab and also her graduate school Bushman said. "I would count her as a role model both as a woman and a scientist. She is a great person to talk to about
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be regarded ua the re|>r<:ttntsaiTe of such objects or ideas, I there is no great diliioulty id teaching him, that tbo ar>1
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PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY FOR EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE 157,626-630(1978) ' This investigation was supported in part by Research
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Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries, 1874; Vaccination a Fallacy, 1879; Plea for the Collegiate Education of Women, 1876; Entheism,
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it three times daily, before eating, until it operates, then hali tile (ju:intit,y, or a little less, just sufficient to establish a daily
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On other hand, in contrast to the gormandizing propensities of the Es- quimaux, there are many examples of people living in cold climates sub-
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the ulcer may be plugged with iodoform gauze, and we at once thoroughly wash out the abdominal cavity with sterilized salt
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down to the year 1'MH. Implicit in tin- neuron doctrine itself is the basic idea of the autonomy of its units, viz., that the branches of the neurons are contiguous,
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from ft taroi. ' the breast,' and oivt <n, ' pain.' l\iin paoro;, 'a breast,' and «&>$, 'form, resemblance.' mammilla' ris, Para maatdidea, is sitnate at the in-
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1902), of West Prus.sia, author of a great monograph on the law governing the pathological transformations of bones (1892), and Albert Hoffa (1859-1908),
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in sixteen aeers of milk vrith the addition of four seers of clarified bntter, till reduced to a thick consistence. Then add sugar two
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son has at his command. The spine is then bent and twisted at the point of greatest flexibility. The anatomical relations of the spinal column
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baesia to the pustule. The disease is little known ; and the best account of it, that of Dr. Adams, in the 6th volume of the Memoirs of the Medical Society, justifies
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ondon Paste, lun'-dun. A caustic composed of slaked lime and ongus colli, lon'-gus hol'-e. See Muscles, Table of. ordosis, lor-do'-sis. Anterior curvature of the spine.
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of his esteemed medical preceptor, did not adopt the profession of his father and his father's friend, but became widely known
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GUNSHOT FRACTUJRES OF Till'; OUTER TABLE OF THE SKULL. discharged from service and pensioned on the 3d of April, 18(13. The wound had not fully healed, but was gradually
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When the infective microbes are not pyogenic the general con- dition appears less grave, the animals exhibit only moderate fever,
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caiithiis'\. Any enlargement of the fleshy papilla at Eucasin (tt'-ka-sin). A casein food-preparation soluble preparation containing 25% of eucalyptol ; it is used
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at night, are always attended with great danger, and may prove rapidly The Diagnosis depends on the copious, frothy expectoration, coupled
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those people. And then we trained our own people, extensively. We had training for lab, x-ray, all kinds of technical support.
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imellacha ann sin no co teigi 7 co lasann an tadbur, 7 co sgailter from the matter of the disease, like rigor that comes in the
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cent by the water and shows strands on its surface which run spirally from left to right proceeding from the blunt to the more pointed end.
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SEMPLE, J. E- . . .467, 681, C99, 730, 877, 984, 1(X)1 SMITH, E. A. .147, 227, 358, 371, 387, 412", 54"9, 790 SMITH, T. B. .165, 281, 358, 455, 486, 580, 669, 674
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1897 Waters, Wm. Arthur Peruow, M.D. Oxf., 99, Holywell, Oxford. 1906 Watkin, Arthur Christopher, Brynmair, Caereinion, Welshpool.
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experimental practice thus opened to them, remote from the observation of the public and of the friends and relations of the
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Vers le commencement d'Octobre, la villc et ses environs ont ete visites par la Rougeole, qui a fait des progres alar- mans comme Epidemic parmi les enf.ins. Elle a continue
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10. Tables. These should be numbered with Roman numerab and cited consecutively in the text. Each table acceptable style of tables. The title of each table should clearly indicate the nature of the contents, and su£Bcieflt
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revealed by the development of neuralgia, neuritis or interstitial myositis; and these diseases, by producing more or less intense pain, cause
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a potential bacillus carrier, and on the Western front the revival of Listerism (antisepsis) was a foregone conclusion. Passing
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ber 13th, 1862. The ball entered near the inferior angle of the scapula, fracturing the anterior border, neck, and coracoid
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square miles to as much as a hundred square miles, and troop&> varying in numbens from 20,000 to 40,000 or more, it soon be-