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previous to the organization of the society, the medical profession in Chicago had been so divided into rival factions that many thought it would be

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at one or more points, in some in- stances which may modify the stances into the oesophagus ; and effects of this accident, whether

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engagement at Atlanta, Georiiia. July "iOtli, 1804, by a eonoidal nnisket ball, which fractiu'ed the rifrlit parietal bone. Ho was

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Osphresiology, os-fre-se-ol r -o-je. Science of odors and sense of smell. Osphyalgia, os-fi-al'-je-ah. A pain in the loins ; sciatica.

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quotidie ; vel utatur externe pro embrocatione, super Aurantii exsic, 3j. ; Rhei Pulv., 3j. ; Potassa Carb., R Cacum. Pini Sylvest., fij. ; Radicis Symphyti Majoris,

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riety of fully developed ones. Biting flies kill thou- flies will drive animals frantic, and kill stock by confirmed. In .'\frica, the tsetse flies have depopu-

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and running throughout the entire length of the cord ; they are made up of fibers having a short course. G.- Gruber's Test for hearing: If the end of the finger be

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the crown of the head, and two on the right ear. The prognosis in traumatic while working on a wharf, striking bis head and producing anosmia witb

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maisons communes. Ils croient aux mauvais esprits, ont des guérisseurs Les nègres de la Guyane sont comi)osés de decendants d'esclaves et

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of alumni, faculty, and friends through our social events staged in Baltimore and throughout the country. The beauty of our organization is its independence, as these programs and services come at

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35« (8) Mod o nescoid tic in pairilis, tic si \\ maille fiabras,7bi fual is e gel tanaidhe, 7 uair ele mar fual ainmidhi bruidamail, 7

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1899 Stevens, Bertram Crossfield, M.D. Durh., Mayo House, 1890 Stevens, Cecil Robert. M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Serv 1866 Stevens, George Jesse Barnabas, 1, Newington-green. N.

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sible stimuli; Surgeon J. J. Chisolm", 0. S. A., thinks "the safest practice consists in doing as little as possible, the indiscriminate use of stimuli on the one hand, or bloodletting on

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ing case, and the direct result of exposure of an unprotected human being to the chance of having the spores or seeds of disease implanted in

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frigore, a blister from tlie effect of cold. Bullae hollow eminence on the posterior portion of the mastoid BuUation [bul-a' -shun) [bullare, to bubble]. I. Infla-

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dissolving the harder. In that condition there is need that the ascending colon be normal, that the transverse colon have its

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Therapeutics; lecturer on diseases of children, M'Gill Univ.; mem. Royal Coll. of Surg., Eng. ; mem. and past-pres. Montreal Medico-

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his father's profession. He was connected with the Sui veyor- General's Department for thirty years, and was Deputy Sur-

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R.A.M.C. ; Temporary Surgeon-General ; Deputy Director-General, A.M.S. Address: Rutland House, Cheniston Gardens, Kensington,

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of matter that had been under consideration for four years. The first and fullest history of its passage is in a letter of Nathan Dane to Rufus

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they were doing something useful, . . . not serving as guinea pigs as they seriously believed when first Did the personnel understand the risks Some of them surely did. The

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contributions to the history of medicine. In this field he is especially memorable for his studies of the work of the earlier

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presence by causing deformities in neighbouring bones. Normally small calcareous deposits can be found in the choroid plexus, the falx. Pacchionian

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three or four ounces to be thrown up Avhile the patient lies with the hips rather elevated ; this position to be retained for some

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tions a boy who swallowed a fish-hook while eating gooseberries. He tried to pull it up, but it was firmly fastened, and a surgeon was called. By ingeni-

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hysteria, neuralgia, palpitation, cough, and difficulty of breathing. It is directly caused by weakness of the broad and lateral ligaments, and

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down to cool off in clothes wet from perspiration or urin«f tends to be suppressed, diuretics must not be ap]>lied to the loins, plenty of Vdand diluents ad-

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could be ma<le, save that, from the symptoms, lesion of the cord had taken place. The paralysis, in the first week, invaded the

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Spicula of bone make their way to the surface from time to time. There is chronic inflammation of the joint and of the ulnar

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cases the penis rotted away within the body and fell to pieces; and so with great pain and desperation these sufferers died. And this was the

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anaesthetic necessary. Two interesting cases are quoted in which complete abolition of sensation and motion was obtained in one leg,

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neither Charaka (ed. 1896, p. 479) nor .Susruta (p. 824) nor Vagbhata. On the other hand, two verses (13 and 14 on p. 35 in chapter 279)

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must be given, since they have a hot breath or (ironia. give him some oxymel, which is a southern or Italkni swelling in the liver may not abate, nor run off; that

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as cinnabar. When you have it in that form you ought to rejoice ; for it is The mortification of gems and corals is that they shall be calcined, subli-

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disease. Seven cases showed delayed resolution. Several patients had isolated from the sputum. As an additional skin test before giving the

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J836, p. 38.— -U. Boivin et A. Duges, Traittj Prat, des Mal- adies de rUterus et de ses Annexes, 8vo. I'aris, 1833, cnin

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an equal weight of sulphuric acid, is added to double the weight of muriat of soda : the salt and the oxide must be mixed, and the acid slowly added. The whole

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fever is high, alcohol in large doses is given. It is claimed that thirteen patients were so treated, with uniformly successful results. No

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Treatment of Ulcers by Anaplasty, in iVeio J ork Jour, of Med., 18.34, Vol. XIII, p. 3tiO) states that Dr. HAMILTON S pro|x&gt;sal had been by him "antici

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putting the tissue on the stretch. The layers to be sutured then come well out of the wound, the margins become everted, and with a good strong thumb forceps

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' Namely, verses 59, 60, 62 in Astdhga Hrdaya, S'drira Sthana vol. Iviii, p. 114 ff.; and Dr. P. Cordier's Recentes Decouvertes, p. 15.

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Hopkinson ; but, unfortunately, no special report was made, .and the disposition made of the specimen is unknown. The Army

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unable to help themselives in an emergency. Cases of severe wounds of the leg, especially those wearing splints, and cases of fracture

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Muir, Joseph Corbett, M.D. Camb., St. George's Infirmary Muirliead, James, M.B. Durh., 69, Unskill-terrace, North Shields

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