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attended with dark grey sloughs on the tonsils. He alludes to Fothergill without naming him, rejects his doctrines, and urges the use of bleeding, purging and scarifying the tonsils

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From a field hospital he was received into Mount Pleasant Hospital on May 13th. Assistant Surgeon C. A. McCall, U. S. A.,

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winnung. Anmerkungen. Verzeichnis der chinesischen Namen fiir gerate usw. des 93118 Partners of forty centuries; or, Permanent agriculture in China,

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with a thick layer of yellowish lymph. The liver was somewhat softened. Acini somewhat indistinct. Sjyec. No. 1722, Sect.

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given for a number of weeks with no apparent benefit. Attention to diet and mild laxatives have caused the greatest reduction, but

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part necessary to suggest to the fancies during sleep ; and, in fact, delivers the fictions of Shakspeare in the however, inconsistent with the phenomena of dreaming ;

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other. We ate together, according to the eastern custom, using our fingers instead of knives and forks ; in fact, we played our parts so well, that none recognised us as Chris-

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Surgery, Also, when the Individual is ordered to duty where there is no medical officer, or granted leave, or otherwise permanently removed from the

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ties which he purfues ; this dream is ill to the M. if or that they purfue him, is either tobeovercoracby his c fraid to come near her, is a good dream and repre-

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Contents. — Introduction. — The birth of modern philosophy. — Continental rational- ism. — Locke and his influence. — Berkeley and Hume. — Immanuel Kant. — The Ger-

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of nervous disease, such as loss of memory and speech, epilepsy, paralysis or insanity. And these derangements, it should be re-

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vailed, and his infatuated followers have added several hundred other chemical or mineral preparations to the materia medica of the great

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A report of some observations of this disease in the Philippine Islands. After giving the opinions of different physicians of the tropics about the real

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creasingly the homes of infection since the development of the cattle industry and the influx of phthisical subjects. Minnesota

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Katalasenwert des Blutes, genommen bei 37° C. unter Lichtabschluss. Valor catalasico do sangue, tomado a 37 C na ausencia de luz.

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1892; ex-med. director (army) ; mem. ex-pres. Neb. Med. Assn., and Omaha and Douglas Co. Med. Socs. ; A.M.A. ; Pioneers of Neb., etc.,

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1907 Walker, Norman Hamilton, M.B. Lond., Winchmore-ldll. n. , 1899 Walker, Robert, M.B. Durh., 14, James-street, Cardijf.

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is usually present at the onset of abscess formation and incident to the retention of pus. It may be absent in leukocytosis is the rule, but it was absent in 4 cases.

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and discoloured. The poison in this case is strong. A part of the body touched with the Rajas, semen, or (Luta)-poisoii according to its seat in the body of the

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of the heart and far less able to bear up against the extremes of heat and cold than they were before making use of tobacco. The

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eontact. Occasionally it may l>e oiiserved that one here anil swim free in the blood (Fig. 5), remaining — liefore Hnally vanishing. When swimming free in

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neum. The upper and lower curvatures of the stomach are called the ach is a small dilatation' called the antrum pylori. The dimensions of

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M. L. Martin- treats cases of human trypanosomiasis in the following way. Atoxyl 05 gram is injected every five days. When improve-

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Bartholomew's Hosp.; grad. M.D., Edin., 1863, (gold medallist); m. 1st, Annie Alicia, relict of John Smith, of Mickleham Hall, Dork-

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vegetating stone ; Dioscorides, Pliny, Csesalpinus, and Tournefort, a plant, which indeed it greatly resembles. It is, however, the work and habitation of a polypus, and

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Yearly Meeting, and one or two notable letters written by George Fox, sufficiently representing the doctrinal principles of the society. But it defined the application

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what hours convalescent patients, and especially children, may venture out of doors, when is the best time for invalids to bear removal, and at what

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The special virtues and medicinal qualities of the noted mineral waters are known throughout the civilized world. Thousands of people travel

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of the possibility of prevention of disease by inoculation with attenu viruses or organisms. In his opinion this was no doubt due to the influence

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that we consider any praise on our part as useless as it is be- vond our reach; the valuable information which the woik contains, and wnich we will attempt to lay before our readers,

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with this important sequel, that all true botanists of later times — Kuellius, Matthiolus, Cesalpinus, Cordus — accepted his emenda-

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neum. The upper and lower curvatures of the stomach are called the ach is a small dilatation' called the antrum pylori. The dimensions of

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divisions, corresponding to the treatment by expectant measures, excision., or amputation that were employed. There will then be added to the fourteen hundred cases of primary

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fifteen in this country. In warmer climates it appears earlier, and in colder ones later. Menstruation, menses, courses, cata-

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the cervix. It is not constant. H.'s Disease, (1) hypertrophic elongation of the supravaginal portion of the cervix uteri; (2)

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America; it contains in its leavesand fruit thealkaloid carpain besides the ferment papam or pa[)ayotin ; the leaves also c<intain the glucosid carjiosid. Tiie milky

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who for a short time have the organism in the excreta — and "chronic carriers " — those persons who have had typhoid fever and whose excreta

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Sores, ulcers and tumors are often benefited by compresses. In local forms of rheumatism, as lumbago, some inflammatory affec-