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Treatment : Antiseptic inhalations of the vapor of eucalyptus, tar, carbolic acid or turpentine. Intratracheal irrigation with a
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Ligations of Branches of the Axillary. — In wounds of the chest complicated by bleeding in the axilla, after the main trunk, the subscapular was the vessel most com-
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rang the old year out and the new year in, he rested from his labours. His works follow him. His was a most useful and exemplary life — a life of love and labour, labour for love's sake.
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may interest you : Miller remained for about two years without virility, when this function rapidly returned, and he married,
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the cut surfaces appearing rather dry, there being little fluid accumulated within the nodes. The dissection of the mesenteric nodes included groups
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XVm Ueber die Systematik der Tabaninae, Subfamilie der Tabanidae von Dr. ADOLPH LUTZ .... 163 XIX Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Protozoenfauna Brasiliens. II. von Dr ARISTIDES MARQUES DA CU-
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ferred to a water-bed. The pain in the hip was not, however, relieved by these measures. On and milk was administered with good effect. A liniment containing chloroform and aconite
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could be ma<le, save that, from the symptoms, lesion of the cord had taken place. The paralysis, in the first week, invaded the
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sented a paper on Premature Sapartion of the Placenta at the Southern Medical Association meeting in Cincinnati on Dr. I. A. Bigger, professor of surgery, recently spoke on
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food is fully digested with the help of the internal heat and ultimately assimilated in the system, giving or attenuated in its consistency and which forms the
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the degree. Of this class are cachimiae, resins, and other marcasites, which insinuate themselves into the workings, and send forth their tinctures. All
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A Manual of Physiotherapeutics and Climatology. By THOMAS D LI KE M.D. F.R.C.S., Med. Sup. Peebles Hvdro., X.B. ; Memb. of
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with the Penns came to a head, and the province could the strife of debate ran high, Franklin proposed that the morning sessions
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defined in the context of intrinsically variable structure like the human genome, but I believe that the federal, the unique niche for
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the Hebrides, Iceland, Newfoundland, Greenland, and the coasts of Hudson Bay, tuberculosis is rare. In these countries cattle
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psychiatrist who examined him felt that the case was really one of psychopathic constitution, as he had shown somewhat similar irascibility on a slight occasion before. However,
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quotidie ; vel utatur externe pro embrocatione, super Aurantii exsic, 3j. ; Rhei Pulv., 3j. ; Potassa Carb., R Cacum. Pini Sylvest., fij. ; Radicis Symphyti Majoris,
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Dr. Collins. I think every scientist has to agree with Dr. Olson when he says show me the data; then I will make up my mind.
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was advantageously located for trading purposes. Pottawatomie war parties were wont to make this their headquarters, from which they
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-ii v I'i i:\ii.is, M>;;ities oesiuin — p. Fra- of many separate lubes, giving ri>e to excretory Parotid duct, Sleno'a canal, — the Ductus superior
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were made, and the posterior operation gradually replaced the anterior method. The loop was eliminated, and the jejunum was no longer
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30 grams (75 to 450 grains) daily, given in cold milk ; that of the serum from 5 to 20 drops thrice daily. Both preparations are very
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(mouches, moustiques etc.) ; les accidents occasionnés par les grands fauves et par les serpents (Elaps, Bothrops), pour être un peu moins
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tile patient wiis nicicli ilcbilitatod. Tlic licill was i-lmucivoiI tln-oiifili the puiiit (if eiitiy after sliirlitly enlartjiiii.' tlie wound. The
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the state of repletion or of emptiness of the rumen. Firstly, a very special crepitation sound, which may be compared to
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of the Sionx, the renowned Crazy Horse; after wlijch the Sioux troubles were minimized into the hunt for scattered bands. Undoubtedly, among
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formation of apoplexy, by supposing that it arises from the flesh of the parts being filled up with gases ; and in the same
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or is interatiticd, it receives the name, with man)-, jialeness of the countenance ; feeble pulse ; faint- ing, &c. The indications of treatment will be: —
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prenotioii of things future 5 and this appears mofl in fleep, as you read in the latter Chapter of the fecond abftinencies, and thofc obfervances which do moft of all
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carotids ; two of considerable size below the mammse, between the third and fourth ribs ; two others between the fifth and
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tine and cream of tartar — of the sise of a TCteh CICHO'mCM BIfDIV'IA. Tha iritcmatlo d'Aw.friqu., CionU mkenUta— e. fEa„, PheUan.
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ure of German romanticism — had close ties with the medical profession not only through his past as conduc- tor of the unique Doctors' Orchestra of Vienna but also
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Friesel dicitur, 4to. Lcips., 1655.— T. Sydenham. Srhed. Opera, p. 64."; also, entire Works by Swan, 8vo, p. 493. London, 1749.-0. Hamilton, De Febre Miliar!, &c.,'8v(>.
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effect of pancreaticobiliary duct ligation on, follow- detection of using amatoxin competitive binding assay, topical anti-inflammatory activity of (rat), 159, 223
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peinture, . . . expliques par Gustave Geffroy, .... Ouvrage adopte par le Ministere de I'instruction pubhque et par la ville de
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writers have suggested these operations without taking into account In animals used for the purpose of providing milk, viz., cows,
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ably instances of the so-called spontaneous or intrauterine amputation ; and Nos. 28, 29, "Then follow five instances of genital abnormalities (Nos. 32-36), consisting of absence
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of India, the musicians of Persia, the oracles of Greece, the seers of Rome, the priests and priestesses of Egypt, the monastic recluses of the Middle
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elbow, rendered amputation necessary, to saw through the bones near the joint, on either side of the articula- tion, and unite the disjointed ends by a callus, as a sthT
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meal in sufficient quantity to make a poultice ; oil well, and apply warm twice a day. Continue this occasionally, till the diseased
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dix-neuv. siècle possédaient des abattoirs, et des lois sur les aliments souvent assez rigoureuses. En général les a])attoirs sont réinstitués de nos temps. My«
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Cardiorrhexis, kar-de-or-reks'-is. Rupture of the heart. Cardiostenosis, kar-de-o-ste-no'-sis. Stenosis of the heart-valves.
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whu:h 6.<i hath fet forth to be bought at the price of labour, and to be purchafed by that way and means we REcei ving my Patrons Letter, I fcnt n>y judgement to
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interaction of the cells and the intercellular substance, though the former only can be said to be living. When a connective tissue structure is fixed
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miiial ]>bul!tngc>s of the <uigf>rs und toos. Tlio ftkitt of iho fingers is vromaa who has had her luinda in tlie Kuds ull da.y. On apcaiag the
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from their resemblance to the Irish girl with her brush and oz. ; rosin 2 ozs. Boil the tar, rosin and gum together a short
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Infamia ; its place in Roman Public and Private Law, By A. H. J. Legal Procedure in Ciceros Time. By a. h. j. Greenidge.
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DE HuAN, J. The renal function as judged by the excretion of vital dye- Ultrafiltration shows that the greater part by far of the acid vital dye-
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6 Hgat of a stove, borne by Dr. So- are often drunk. •nStraet 32, multiply by 5, and divide by 9: thus. Fahrenheit's degrees to those of lifaumur, subtra. I
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be relied upon for the discrimination between different forms of syphilis of the central nervous system. They simply indicate the existence of an
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This disease has been known from time immemorial, and it would appear that first of all in the East and later in England it was a
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