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impressed from their earliest infancy with Sentiments and habits, very different from those acquired by persons of a Similar condition in Eng-
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examples we understand the operations of the firmament, not, indeed, according to one grade, for as the heaven is higher than the earth, so also is it stronger ; and as the heaven has more of clarity than has earth of grossness,
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treachery many generations before ; Saul goes upon the expedition, brings From that disobedience his ruin dates. Samuel had a most unaccountable
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the Methodist school of Asclepiades, is our leading authority on the gynecology, obstetrics, and pediatries of antiquity. His
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process is even in them a decidedly dangerous as it is most cer- tainly a pernicious one. This villainous cramming system is
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experience of the troops present at the detonations. However, early in our tenure we heard from veterans who participated in the tests, and their family members,
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shoulder-joint in which case it is often called rheumatism of the shoulder. Some of the trophic disorders of the arm can be attributed to a partial
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anatomical lore, and be ready for any emergency, notice of its relations to tiie parts with which it is It is to this class of individuals, and not to the stu- | connected, and this, too, suflSciently ample for all
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Unguentum ad serpigincm: E. aiixungie porcine, picis liquide ana Î11, aloes 51. Confiée sic: anxungiam veterem juxta doctrinam sepe dictam ablutam et
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connecting loop is to be thought of and looked for {Figs. 33-37)- for umbilical hernia, and has also come to modify the method in a
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alter in dextra est, alter in sinistra. 5. Octarius tinc- (nonnullus) things are of neither sex. 3. No man has 5 . A gallon of carbonic acid. 6. The haunch-bone is a
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Kirton, Martin Ainger, Outram-terrace, Stoke, Derunport. Kitchen, Charles Frederick Hewick, 112, Cheetham Hilt-road, Kitchin, Henry Brunton, M.D. Lond., 188, Brockley-road. s.e.
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ago, but the procedure then adopted was not practicable for every-day use. Owing to the great importance of this new development a brief
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Stavesacre Seeds. Poisonous. 2 dr. will destroy a horse. Only used outwardly to destroy vermin, either powdered Steel, Salt of. See Iron, Sulphate of. For the other
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Gordon "Hist," vol. 1, pt. 3, sec. 5, no. 2, pp. 1-11, C. Hofjf, ed.. Communicable Diseases: Malana, Medical later assumed the additional duty of senior consult-
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greatest care, especially if the disease has reached the stage of pus forma- tion, or if the head of the bone is honey-combed, since fracture of the
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Dependent Differences of Renal o-Galactosid- A. Y. Chang 319 tin Stimulates Estrogen Production by Femin- V. S. Fang, N. Furuhashi, O. Gomez ... 159
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nommé également Thaat ou 'l'haut, un grand nombre d'ouvrages sur les arts, sur la médecine et l'astrologie, dont j)lusieurs existeraient encore sous
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Prisoners," Atlantic Monthly 23, January 1973, 64-73. 67. Jessica Mitford, Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business (New
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cathode distally. C, Direct', one constant in direction. C, Farad'ic, the current produced by an induction coil. C, Gal-
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the Cold Spriiifz; Harbor Station (orjj;anized 1010), bears out the IMendelian axiom that, as the individuality of a living organism
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Krakaii, Daselbst wirkte bis zu seinem 1896 erfolgten Tode Prof. Budapest, Über Geschichte dozirten daselbst August Schöpf (1835 — 1844)
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sitieroxyloii, R. et S. It is used as a substitute for a volatile oil distilled from the rhizomes of Asaruin taste. O. of Asphalt, a rubefacient, antiseptic oil
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Ear-Wax. — It is also generally covered with a sticky, bitter substance, the ear-wax, secreted by numerous ceruminous glands (i), apparently to
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cell. F.s, Adhesion, Rindtleisch's term for the pat- tern produced in living iiroti)plasm by the adhesion of the two interpenetrating substances, the reticular frame-
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structures supplied is at least partly the result of disturbance of this nerve. As to the effects on the abdominal viscera and structures to
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men live in-doors and concentrate the infection, whereas the cattle enjoy an out-door life and escape. In a latitude of 30 south,
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sujiposes to be a case of this disease, and proposes the title megalocephaly as pre- ferable to VirchoVs term, because the soft parts are also included in the hyper-
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