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Herein it is unique ; and these characteristics rer , These additions, while tes;ifying to the learning ..,,,,.,.,. tor tnose Who and industry of the author, render the book exceed-
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the constitution of the patient, and the manner of treating the disease. The most fjivorable symptoms are a gentle looseness,
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occurrence of such an amyotrophy is well recognized, and there is no inherent reason why we should not see it combined with tabes from time to time, just
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a fuU meal, and of states of the weather, and the frequent association with a gouty habit of body. Of the autopsies on his two patients, the first was inconclusive ; the second was
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„Ailes was schon gedacht ist braucht nur noch einmal gedacht zu werden". C'était avec beaucoup d'encouragement que Stokvis anima en 1890
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The special virtues and medicinal qualities of the noted mineral waters are known throughout the civilized world. Thousands of people travel
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seemed to float in an inner abscess ; the periosteum throughout its whole extent was nearly separated from it. This was likewise
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3 et si de popilion 3 pe helpyng of pe medicyne schal be more effectual, leonadditur. Jjerfor when pou hast nede for to vse perof, tak lanam
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chest. The patient was studied at another hospital for three months a year ago and the many laboratory and other tests gave normal results, except for persistence of
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with this important sequel, that all true botanists of later times — Kuellius, Matthiolus, Cesalpinus, Cordus — accepted his emenda-
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fifteen in this country. In warmer climates it appears earlier, and in colder ones later. Menstruation, menses, courses, cata-
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ingly identify ourselves with the political party that champions our views of current public questions involving the prosperity and stability of
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6 Hgat of a stove, borne by Dr. So- are often drunk. •nStraet 32, multiply by 5, and divide by 9: thus. Fahrenheit's degrees to those of lifaumur, subtra. I
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the blood-flow in the veins, that chemical differences between the blood and the lymph will cause osmosis through the vessel-walls,
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Township Fund, the Saline Fund, the Bank Tax Fund, the Sinking Fund, the proceeds of escheated estates, proceeds of land grants to the
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fatigue of vomiting, or riding, etc., nor after keeping late hours and also not during an attack of fever. 9-11. (Lata-kasturi), etc., should be taken (chewed after meals),
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1900 Watkius, Alan Percival, 48, Lupus-street, s.w. 1896 Watkius, Bernard Vincent, M.B. Vict., Whitchurch. 1887 Watkius, Frank Augustus, llo, Denmark-hill. s.e.
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care for AIDS patients, in addition to tapes for other health workers. These will also be distributed through professional
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on requisition made by the King by consent of Parlia- ment, a certain proportion (however small) of their last Provincial Tax equal to (suppose . . . thereoff)
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behind the neck. During the night the patient took sherry wine and beef tea through an elastic bougie, swallowing small from pneumonia on May 4th. A careful dissection was made, and the liings, larynx, and heart removed together. The
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largo joints, penis, scrotuiu, broasts, and imU's. The treatment roquin-s about one ounce of balsam, which may be used in four to
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impossible, and only a few of the prominent and striking instances can be a certain Spaniard ate meat. Haller knew a person who was purged violently
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lined with republican settlements, instead of slave factories; the slave trade will be abolished, and civilization and Christianity will illumine
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fasser besprechen in verschiedenen Kapiteln die physischen, intellektuellen und moralischen Eigenschaften, über die der junge Mediciner verfügen muss. Dann
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vimento anormal dos goraos do tuberculo da batata em filamentos longos 76 ARCd. DA ESC. SUP. DE AGRIC. E MED. VETER. Vol VI, Ns. i c 2
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Epictetus. \V, a. Oldfather. 2 Vols. (Vol. I. 3rd Imp., II. 2nd EusEKius : Ecclesiastical History. Kirsopp Lake and J. E. L. Oulton. 2 Vols. (Vol. I. 3rd Imp., Vol. II. 5th
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mission through their bites. Even when these gnats were breeding in \illages, they showed not the slightest disposition to seek out and
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for, in these, the wnscleti of the extremities, and even of the face and lower jaw, were observed to move in a con- vulsive manner, and sometimes to be drawn into tremulous
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urc should be occupied with such trifiings, and the spirits are rejoicing meanwhile that, in oppoisiiion to God, we have
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Ether broke down this inhibition of speech and hearing by interfering with the control of the high over lower cerebral Re emotional stammering, Chavigny treats by voice gym-
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as crestam e fazem desmaiar, podendo causar-lhes a morte. Cristula, pequena protuberancia tegumentar, mais longa que larga
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there forms itself into many branches, which receive all horse's tail. From the loins downwards the holes in the nerves that pass through them ; hence it is of import-
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attempt at, but no true, clonus ; that is, passive flexion of the foot causes two or three jerky movements. There is no glandular swelling or tumor about
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cause its spots resemble the bristles of an hedge hog,) fiorco, lafiis Malacensis,\\\e PORCUPINE BEZOAR, or GALL STOXE. It is found in the gall bladder of an Indian
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world, were thought to be required to obtain that sequence. New technologies and strategies now change and replace some of these
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is limited to fifteen, five of whom are to be members of the college of phyficlans, and the other ten of the college of furgeons. The members meet and fup, toge-
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Havard, David, M.D. St. And., Newport, Pembrokeshire. Hawes, Colin Sadler, 207, Albion-road, Stoke Newington. n. 1904 Hawkes, Alfred -Ernest Underwood, -IG, EarhtoiL-road, Liscard,
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nerve — n. Superficial temporal, Auricular nerve — n. Sympathetic, Trisplanchnic nerve — n.Teinpoi:i\ nerve — n. Vidian, Pterygoid nerve — n. of Wris-
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medical, as distinfiuisluMl from vital, statistics. After passing!; six years in Kussia, where his despair over the impotence of medicini;
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preached a sermon, good in matter as in manner. Dinner was at one o'clock, and at two I accompanied the Governor to visit two large Sunday
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3 Blätter vom kriechenden Gänsefuss mit Wein oder Honigmeth getrunken ; fein gestossener Pfeffer mit Wasser getrunken. Als Amulette helfen beini
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an infection of bones so indolent that sarcoma is mim- icked. Drainage having been established, restoration to the normal may occur especially in the young. On the
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peer review. We certainly do not want money wasted on unworthy projects. But there is no reason why peer review committees cannot meet on an emergency basis
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of the culture iluid are manifested not only for B. pyocyaneus, but also for B. typhosus, B. (uilhracis, B. diphtheriw, and staphylococci and
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Tprjadai &)9 K.atre70v<i paKpds irevre r) e£, BiaXet- 7rovo~a<i dtr aXXijXwv &)9 Teoo~apa<$ BarcTvXous,
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Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders & Co. 13 Laboratory Guide for the Bacteriologist. By Lanodon Froth- INGHAM, M.D.V., Assistant in Bacteriology and Veterinary Science,
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ever, observations have shown that it may occur at forty-three years (Riehl), and sixty-four years (Kaposi). Crocker believes that the disease is an
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Causes. — Recent discoveries prove that very little was known of the real cause of consumption, even a decade ago. Great progress has been made recently in the study of this dis-
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attention to the interesting subject of sympathetic vomiting in the husband in his lectures on nervous maladies some years ago. He also quotes the
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