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was treated in a field hospital until the 17th, when he was sent to Cliff burne Hospital, Washington. Assistant Surgeon John S.

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FRACTURE. (Fractura ,- from franco, - FRAXINELLA. (From fraxinus, the ash, to break ) Categma. Cassis. Clasma. so called because its leaves resemble those

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onoe more reached the railway. At !Ras-el-Ain we met three or four Germian officers, and learned from them; of the death

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sent to Armory Square. The case progressed very favorably, and recovery took place without anchylosis of the remaining por

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amount and intensity of exertion, otherwise the tone of the diges- tive organs must become impaired and .the health enfeebled. Stu-

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in höchster Dankbarkeit gegen Frankreich. Frankreich sieht darum fiir Naznii dass er nicht mir Schriften der Mediciner, sondern auch die aller einschlägigen

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should ascend through an alembic, thinking that this is the true volatile matter of the philosophers, though it is not so. And although it be no contemptible

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of producing infectious rheumatism in young animals. Certain infections resembling dysentery and diarrhoeic enteritis are also its frequent

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some physician were present to give information concerning the real value of these remedies, some of which were undoubtedly efficacious. He

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ance had been derived from the elegant French translation of that the translator felt conscious that he did not possess a proper

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-patient should be made to drink a decoction compound of drugs of the Kakolyadi group, sweetened with sugar or honey ; and his ordinary' drink should consist of the

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collected about the vessels of the liver and stomach, and the tertians by the same sions owing to the weakness of their nervous system. He adds, that in their case

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Chairman ROCKEFELLER. Dr. Caplan, thank you very much. [The prepared statement of Dr. Caplan appears on page 117.1 Chairman ROCKEFELLER. I would like to start the questioning with

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not used in a strict sense ; but that pleurisy, thoracic effusions, and almost any agglomera- tion of internal disorders are included imder this title. Dr. Macleod [Notes, etc., p. 234)

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Geschichte jedes Lehrstuhles, neb&t einem ausführlichen Verzeichnis seiner Vertreter und ihrer während ihrer Thätigkeit in Wilna erschienenen

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born. In December, 1833, came promotion to surgeon with the rank of Dr. DeCamp served throughout the Mexican war and at several stations

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par les docteurs Strong et Musgrave (pag. 251). Ils trouvaient, hors la forme catarrhale — qui passe presque toujours avec des symptômes légers — deux

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faaslcA!! tbc esc8i>c of venous blood from flic tiraiii, and thus focilitAteti jlvd embousu or mu ckkeukal. aiticuibs — r>urrKxtiici.

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progress© y evoliicion de la medicina etc. Zu den Scliriften dieser Kategorie zählen auch die beiden oben genannten, nämlich die Biographie des berühmten

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non-hair-containing. Three examples of the hair-containmg variety (intra- cranial dermoids) are described. Two of them were removed by operation,

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Katalasenwert des Blutes, genommen bei 37° C. unter Lichtabschluss. Valor catalasico do sangue, tomado a 37 C na ausencia de luz.

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la thériaque. Il va mieux et est repris en 1576 d'une nouvelle attaque, dont il mourut: il est vrai que c'était un buveur.

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Taylor: Yes, that s right. It s divided off now, and of course those people naturally are as anxious to have their people do as well as

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Retention of Urine; External Urethrotomy, in Jloston Mcd. and Surg. Jour., 1871, Vol. VII, p. 93); HEWIT (H. S.) (Perineal Urethrotomy, in The

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a bladder to it when ho administered an enema. On one occasion ho had left it at home, and it was toD far to go back for it ; but an old woman who was present went out to the

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r<li!il)l<- l>nits, (Jhemit-als, I'huiinafeiitiinl rrejKirutiuns, ('i>iM|) T;il)l<-t.s, PilU, \Vf apiMMii] a few sajupl'- prices for fruidnnee of the great tuiviiii; that eaii U-

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of deaths from "croup" in Chicago, a total of 224. In 1875, 1876 and 1877 respectively 139, 276 and 136, a total of 775 in four years!

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per tar, an empyreumatic oil distilled from the wood of Juniperus volatile oil from the leaves of Melaleuca leucadendron. O. of

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when cutting another portion of the railway, of the- factured gold, forming the most interesting Celtic- great " Clare Find," but a large portion disappeared

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Take of Castile Soap, one drachm; most their natural state; cata- Aloes and Calomel, of each plasms discontinued; dressing with

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families if they were known in that time frame. Very often toxicity is only apparent after review of the clinical data. In the

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and not having any experience as a research participant. 4 Seven percent of patients believed that participants in medical research are usually or always

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The principal lesions affecting the seventh cranial nerve are growths, fracture of the base of the brain, diseases of the ear, forceps pressure,

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appuyé d'une part sur ce qui a paru de la traduction de Goldschmidt, d'autre part sur les publications médicales qui s'y rapportent parmi lesquelles celles

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sputum, which had been profuse, purulent, and contained a large quantity of diphtheria bacilli, became no longer purulent and showed no more diphtheria

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school system, our streets, our subways and water supplies, for the repeal of bad laws, and the introduction of good bills.

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In 1867 Dr. Klebs married Miss Rosa Brossenbacher. Three children lived As a pioneer in the study of infectious diseases, Dr. Klebs preceded Pas-

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Chairman ROCKEFELLER. I am informed that DOD officials who briefed Committee staff told them that some of the lists of names

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Difficulty of Obviating Lead Poisoning. — Attempts have been made to obviate the danger of water contamination from lead pipes in various

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