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yet, after days and nights of fruitless expectation, a physician found that she had nothing but pleurisy, with translation of
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distended, as in apoplexy and palsy. In such circum- stances, however, we find the irritation on the brain The agitation of vomiting has been considered as use-
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Il faut noter enfin qu' outre cette immunité acquite, il y a aussi une immunité ethnique. En Islande, la syphilis, souvent importée par les
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part equal quantities of the manna of frankincense, and sulphur vivum. — Another : Of chalcitis, dr. viij ; of frankincense, or of
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versation " under seventeen heads — A tactful compromise — Franklin's generosity — The paper goes to the Cabinet — Lord
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of smallpox is distinguished from that of measles by the fact that the papules remain distinct to the touch even when the skin is t-ghtly stretched. S., Guye's,
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nent la valeur des coefficients (valeurs-amidon de Kellner) employes pour la conversion des differents principes digestibles en amidon brut;
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Nocard says that after three to five years there is an acquired immunity. Only heifers and the cows that have been recently
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which are instinctive in lower animals. A dog licks its wounds, hides in holes if sick or injured, hmps on three legs if maimed,
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, Osteopsathyrosis. Unusual fragility of the bones. Osteosarcoma. A sarcomatous tumor growing from bone. Osteosclerosis, os-te-o-skle-ro' -sis. Induration of bone.
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A curious book is his treatise on monsters, terrestrial and marine (1573), embellished with pictures of many of the strange, hypo
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an da« aus Ostindien beschriebene, in seiner Aetiologie gleichfalls unaufgeklärte Burning of feet (Beferent). Der Distrikt, wo Verfasser seine BeobaehtangeD
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compressible, and often irregular in successive beats, the weakest corresponding to the last part of the inspiratory act, or when
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small veins by which blood passes from the walls of the heart to the right auricle. V. vortico'sae, the stellate veins of the choroid
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cured the most violent bilious fevers. When applied in this way, it gradually abstracts the heat from the body, and thereby lessens
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•cvt-nil iidioining teeth which were perfectly itoinid. This Icnse, he immediately took him to Sir Airtley Cooper, who,
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posed to be north of the equator; and Dakhsindyana, the six months when it is supposed to be south of the equator. The seasons are six in number, each consisting of two siderial
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a liniment composed of equal experienced physician of London, parts of spirit of turpentine and has found the galvanic fluid, ap-
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• the fresh wood of Juniperus communis. Not to be used for preserv- . ing catgut; not to be confounded with oil of cade. O., Lard, oil
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of the bandage is limited, while the parts above and below are useful only as they support the principal. himself to apply them ; and he will find considerable
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Author: Diseases of the Organs of Respiration, 1902; How to Ex- amine the Chest, 1883 ; Lettsomian Lectures on Granular Kidneys
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elevating his gun. The ball was extracted the same day, and the arm was placed in an apparatus. After ten days, this soldier
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Ill choosing a wife, studiously avoid the ten following families, be they ever so great, or ever so rich in kine, goats, sheep, gold and grain: The family
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Followed by Infusion of Autologous Marrow in Humans") (ACHRE No. DOD-042994- 136. Dr. Edward B. Silberstein to Dr. Evelyn Hess, 4 April 1972 ("Enclosed
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ZygopopAyses (Illus. Diet. ). P., Pineal, the epiphysis. moid bone projecting into the sphenoidal sinus. P., lum tali (Illus. Diet.). P.s, Tactile, nerve papil-
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of the kind are frequently met with both in civil and military practice, and their occurrence has occasionally been noticed whore, upon dissection, no
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is agitated by the air issuing from the larynx, the astringents, refrigerants, &c., according to cir- g. Animate sanguinis, Gaz sanguinis — g.Azoticum,
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purpose, as it is commonly express- dentist to insist on a course of treat- ed, of " lulling the pain' 1 of an ach- ment particularly directed to pro-
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plasmid, or the cell of a higher organism into which another DNA fragment of appropriate size can be integrated without loss of the vectors capacity for self-replication; vectors intro-
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aggravated, the shoe should be removed and antiseptic poultices applied. In the majority of cases the lameness will then diminish, and in a few
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Some took injections of .25 to ice. in the pectoral muscles with Chickens that had fasted 24 hours, took each daily for 3 days,
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from the German all Geist (all gas), or AUes est (it is all), but the chemist Johann Kunkel (1630-1704). who pointed out these derivations, said its true
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nasal discharge may be made, or we may resort to one or several of the various diagnostic tests. The Mallein test is quite
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must not be had recourse to, because the poison has already been carried to the deep-seated parts ; but we must use the remedies called metasyncritica, that is to say, when the attack
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markable olYorts made to prov(Mit, (hnn. The ancitMit Ilohrews true nu'ihcal police. ThcN- had a definite code of ritual hygiene
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Lobe'lin. C 18 H 23 N0 2 . An alkaloid from Lobelia inflata. Lobule, lob'-ul. 1. A small lobe. 2. A gyrus of the cerebrum.
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tion of all accidental and surgical wounds, the careful cleansing and antisepsis of the skin before an operation, the exclusion of
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actually do on-site inspections and see that reports are being made. We do make sure that people submit the annual reports they are
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(five million), followed by a second and perhaps a third of the same quantity at five-day intervals, frequently results in complete cure.
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Oliver Pollock, who financed Clark's expedition, was born in Ireland in 1737, and brought, to Pennsylvania when a child by his parents. In
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gout, etc. It contains the alkaloid carobin, carobic Jacksonian { iak-so'-ne-an). Described by John Hugh- Jaculiferous (jnk-tt-lif'-ur-us) \jaculum, a dart ; ferre,
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hot footbaths, a lotion of a strong deooction of linseed, poppy- heads and saffron, also compi-esses of tow soaked in white of
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moualy with lappraHIOD. enKheliom — aa raiiktKal <i>11e and •«■•. Puberty it the period at which it i> moit common, '"" vibrixlitt or "'"•I'd rpukrhmn. Ttmtlattd,
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panis (m) (perhaps fr. Pan, a demigod of the fields) bread, taxis (f) (from Greek rdaaco, to draw) reduction by vis, ace. vim, pi. vires (cf. Gk. fc, fibre) strength, power,
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BHÎpnée, — elle aurait été inventée par Podalyre, filsd'EseiilapeT — nepoumt tons, dans toutes les langues, eu prose et môme en vers, Enfio, rimage ne l'a •
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thin plates, which are suspended over the vapours aris- ing from wine, during its acetous fermentation : or the husks and stalks of grapes are dried, and, when bruised,
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For words beginning with the modified A a, see under Ae For words beginning with the modified O, 6, see under Oe, oe. For words beginning with modified U, ii, vide under Ue
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other acute disease. Evacuation of a non-septic case should be followed by primary suture. Perman adds that rupture and haematoma of the lateral
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86. Kenneth Scott, interviewed by Sally Hughes (University of California Oral History Project), transcript of audio recording, 17 December 1979, 49-50.
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