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thirty-six they were next hustled into the tub-room and three men were ordered into each tub. They were given two minutes
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composed; loss of speech; respiration hurried. On the tweuty- ' Cyzicus was a flourishing city on the Propontis. See Straho, Geogr. xii ; and
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■' Experimenta nova circa pancreas, Amsterdam, 1682. Athanasius Kircher, a physician-priest, and, also like him, a man
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ders it easy on the stomach. In bilious complaints ta- marinds are usefully joined with manna. In the gravel, the hooping cough, and when all possible irritation
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ixiary imcleinic acid occumng in semen ; it contains xan- thin, hypo.\anthin, anil adeiiin as bases, and gives rise to levulinic acid. A., Spbacelinic, an acid, regarded
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type, and this, with her extraordinary prehensile powers of feet and lips, gave her the title of " Darwin's missing link." In 1875 there was exhibited in
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simplest and most easily digested kind, milk, meat-soup skimmed of fat, meat juice, scraped or pulped raw meat. Demulcents like
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A few of the cardiac accelerator fibers pass out of the fifth dorsal foramen and many pass through the foramen between the fourth and
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ball and fi'agments, still continues. He rates the patient's disability total and temporary. C.\SK. — Private Hugh Finnegan, Co. A, 4th Kliode Island Volunteers, aged 35 j-ears, was wounded near Petersburg,
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tales of sufferings and death. Discouragement could hardly express the state of mind of these denizens of the new country, and if they had
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BLnwIJoa of blood or calomel ovca in recent cases. Tracbu!>tomy ibe iDoet con(idcnee in dipliUicritic paralysis, Tbc induced and «oa>
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breeding animals .should be marketed. Cows and mares should Infected males should not be used for service. The male should receive the necessary attention in tlie way of irrigating
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takes to state the question. The size of the computations seems to offer no bar to their rapid solution, and answers in which long lines of figures are
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Oribasius makes mention of only three modes of dislocation at the ankle ; namely, inwards, outwards, and backwards. According to Albucasis, dislocation at the ankle can only take
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five hundred francs was taken in daily. Sergeant Sharpe and Private Rosser were the canteen clerks and had some great trips
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there, by the native heat of the latter, is resolved into three factors, 7-, its excreted portion is discharged through the pores of the skin in
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unequal structures, giving rise to dissimilar actions. tempts have failed to restore an equilibrium of parts) than what she very often effects, viz. reducing the
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son, the chairman of the committee on education. He was a school teacher, and one of the best in the State. In the discussion of the pro-
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scaber, bra, brum (cf scabo, to scratch) rough, mangy, sinis'ter, tra, trum (perhaps fr. scnii, half, as in sinciput from
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He said that there were too many intelligent quacks and ignorant regulars and that there was a great need for many reforms. He discussed cheap
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office at the Medical School, between 4 and 5 P. M., daily, except Saturday and Sunday. In cases of necessity, students will be
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for the dairy, will start out at a great disadvantage unless he knows in advance exactly what he wants. He must be qualified to recog-
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patients who need stimulating food after an illness, and in all wasting diseases it is of great assistance as an adjunct to the daily diet. It contains
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in the ordinary trades, but in scientific pursuits many have felt the call of a larger work than the confines of a limited sphere offered, and
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this be regarded as a contradiction to the statement lower down, " Wa broke off from Uthlanga. For Unkuluukulu, the first man, sprang
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3 pi. I pi. of por. 1865. Vol. 3. Die Gewinnung der Rohstoffe aus dem Innern der Erde, von der Erdoberflache sowie aus dem Wasser. vi,362 p. il. 3 pi. i pi. of por.
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was populous in the fall, and has wintered finely, may cast the first swarm in May, but usually the season is about the middle of June.
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drargyri nitres — 1. Hydrargyri Supernitratis, f«« iodine and iodid«' of putassium in the water.— Ph. subaeetatis — I. Lithargyri subaretatis compoeitas,
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found in it ; having no hiding place back so as to bring the fauces into a for bugs they cannot lie concealed in straight line with the gullet; the
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comprised Dr. Harmon's library because of the likelihood that it was en- tirely lost in the Chicago fire soon after his death in 1869, especially since
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requiring several years to pass through its successive stages. This is gen- erally the case in cancer of the breast. In other forms, particularly where
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Biochemistry, bi-o-kem' '-is-tre. The chemi try of living tissues. Biodynamics, bi-o-di-nam'-iks. The science of the vital forces.
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Ilie extensive cpidcmii-s of intermittent fever which obcnsionally appear are very remarkable. During such epidemics, while the caan
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Attlee, Wilfrid Henry Waller, M.D. Camb., High-street, Eton. Aubin, Eraile Dupont, M.B. Lond., Fonsonby-rd., Auckland, N.Z.
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Marine, drew attention to a mixed form of beriberi and Scorbutus occurttng beriberi showing itself both in the dropsical and atrophic forms. We have
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yet, after days and nights of fruitless expectation, a physician found that she had nothing but pleurisy, with translation of
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distended, as in apoplexy and palsy. In such circum- stances, however, we find the irritation on the brain The agitation of vomiting has been considered as use-
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Il faut noter enfin qu' outre cette immunité acquite, il y a aussi une immunité ethnique. En Islande, la syphilis, souvent importée par les
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part equal quantities of the manna of frankincense, and sulphur vivum. — Another : Of chalcitis, dr. viij ; of frankincense, or of
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versation " under seventeen heads — A tactful compromise — Franklin's generosity — The paper goes to the Cabinet — Lord
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of smallpox is distinguished from that of measles by the fact that the papules remain distinct to the touch even when the skin is t-ghtly stretched. S., Guye's,
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nent la valeur des coefficients (valeurs-amidon de Kellner) employes pour la conversion des differents principes digestibles en amidon brut;
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Nocard says that after three to five years there is an acquired immunity. Only heifers and the cows that have been recently
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which are instinctive in lower animals. A dog licks its wounds, hides in holes if sick or injured, hmps on three legs if maimed,