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eralists who were elected to the convention voted that it was expedient to form a constitution, but Ephraim Cutler was so entirely "unrecon-
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are coBnercially available. The light levels selected are quite low. However, as with all drugs, some risks are related to the
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1908 Searle, Francis Charles, M.B. Lond., Naval Medical Service. 1895 j Sears, Alfred Ernest, 52, Lee-terrace, Blackheath. s.e.
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It forms the lower part of the ankle-joint, and lies below the distal ends of the tibia and fibula with both of which it
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ammonio-ohlorid of iron or Basham's mixture, and may some- times be combined with digitalis. Fuchsin is also recommended
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4 The native who relates this does not, he says, mean that when Unkulunkulu was speaking to primitive men, Amatongo were already
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Samuel Gilchrist and Matthew Gilchrist, of New Castle Dis- their examination and grants each of thetn a certiticate." Samu.til Woodruff, of Saint David's District, was not quite so
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Provinces, and we sincerely wish them every possible success The Berkshire Medical Institution, located in Pitts - field, Mass. it is believed, present as many advantages to the
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by the internal or local administration of normal sera rich in anti- destructive bodies. The good effects of the serum are obtained with
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duditg a slate of uvule irritability of the medulla, and may titus giro tnxIuelioQ of foreign mutter into tbc bloo<l, as is shon-n in tbc rapidly
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Ether broke down this inhibition of speech and hearing by interfering with the control of the high over lower cerebral Re emotional stammering, Chavigny treats by voice gym-
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wTti History of rationalism ; embracing a survey of the present state of Protestant theology, by John Fletcher Hurst . . . with appendix
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It is noticeable that in the four fatal cases proximal ligatures only were applied: C ASK ,S. There were two instances of ligation for primary bleeding : 1282. Private W. C. Tate, Co. 15, 58th Illinois,
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interest in educational affairs, as Chairman of the Board of School Trustees, for many years — at a time when the head
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For bones that were fractured the following treatment '■ If the shanks be broken, take bonewort (banwort. generally interpreted as violet or pansy), pound it, pour
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fixed, glazed eyes, absence of all winking, and insensibility to irritants and death takes place quietly without a moan or
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chief consultant in medicine; Colonel Mason (4), chief of the Operations Division; Lt. Col. John E. Gordon (5), chief of the Preventive Medicine Division; Capt. Margaret E. Aaron
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somnolence. He once cried out suddenly in the night as if warding off an attack. He complained of headaches, and was often irritated and out of humor. Somatically, there was a
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had little affinity, pariun affinis, for any other chemical substance. Apocynuni was named from the fact that dogs keep away from it, arzo away, x'jcov dog. Calomel is a
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boiled for five minutes, dried, and formalinized. Catheters, mimedi- ately after use, are cleaned both inside and outside with soapy water,
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hicles to make medicines more acceptable to the stom- Essentia Pepsini, N. F. Dose : 8 Cc., or 2 fluidrams. Glyceritum Pepsini. N. F. Dose: 3 Cc., or 45 minims.
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pertaining to n.-fibers provided with a sheath. Medul- instrument to measure rapidity of transmission of im- inflammation aflTecting several n's. Multiple neuritis;
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seeds, Atasi seeds, Dhdtaki (flower), mustard, Mulaka with powdered Trikatu, or of Pdyasa ; and the abdomen the S apt aid and S'ainkhini, should be first administered
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tive value only. In fact, Binswanger had before defined such procedures as Realsuggestionen or material suggestions. Common verbal suggestion, says Binswanger, will work some-
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was seriously involved in one hundred and eighteen; six of these patients deserted, and the remainder were returned to duty. Thirty-six cases were attended by cerebral com-
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those of the nose and palate. In these modern works syphilis is divided into three varieties ; one of which is characterized by the ap-
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present at the funeral service at the Captain s home and also at the cemetery service. Many civic dignitaries, prominent Hamilton
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is developed, there will likely be tens or hundreds of thousands of persons already afflicted with AIDS. In those cases, a vaccine would he
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(c) Obtained from the deposit occurring in the fermentation of What it an alkaloid State the properties of a vegetable alkaloid.
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disease. The local lesion is the expression of a general diathesis. The hypothetical noxious agent he calls cancerogen, and holds that in
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right down the list, they are made parallel to each other. You have "profuse perspiration" on the pyridostigmine side effects, and then
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these sons and daughters would achieve happier lives for themselves, and would escape many a trap and pitfall which tho whirligig of
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DOD decided that they did not want to study the American servicemen and cast them to the wind. Sort of forget them. I think that's a terrible thing to do, but it
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power on that side, a diagnosis of paralysis is almost invariably made, and this is frequently asserted to have been caused by an injury to,
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on a diet composed of maize, much in the same way that pohshed rice causes beriberi. Others maintained that it was only mouldy maize
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Officer. Finally, shortly past noon, the colonel consented to listen to the men s complaints. A delegation of two men from each
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Patient's breathing goes through many cyclic variations. If you know about spontaneous hypoventilation you will oatient. At once begin talking to him. Say "you've for-
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to receive the state accounts from the Mulraj, and to take their posts as governors of that district. Both these officers were barbarously murdered ; and the natives, as
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with those of Baudens and of Legouest, that in shot wounds of the abdomen the intestinal lesion is usually found just behind the entrance orifice in the parietes. Further inves
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except their own ease and certain superstitious prac they provided lodging and food for travellers, they took care of the ailing of their neighborhood, and,
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"Extrait de la Revue des questions scientifiques, 1887-88." Waldbiiume und Kulturpflanzen im germanischen Altertum. Von Les plantes dans I'antiquite et au moyen age; histoire, usages et
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Godfrey, Thomas Henry, M.B. Durh., Church-end, N. Finchley. n. Godson, Francis Artliur, M.B. Camb., West Didshnry, Manchester.
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to board. They make a home for themselves because they must. It would seem, then, that families board not because they cannot
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und Miasmatikern und 2) Gift, Miasma und Contagium eine Parallele. Sehr scharf geht er dabei mit seinen Kritikern, besonders mit dem Kieler
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left leg developed, and these increased in amplitude if the limb was touched. The other extremities were normal. Temperature 38.2; pulse 102. Restlessness at night.
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NOVA SCOTIA— John Stewart, Halifax; J. \V. T. Patton, Truro: H. Kendall, Sydney. MANITOBA -Harvey Smith, Winnipeg; J. A. MacArthnr, Winnipeg ; J. Hardy, Morden.
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tense. He is very likely to develop a toxic psycho- relieving his disagreeable symptoms as a few treat- with the facilities available at present, be treated
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of illness and from autopsy material obtained from two The virus, isolated from three cases, appears to be a new group and may be distinguished by its pathogenicity for
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One is of the formal kind : the ribs are pitchforked into the midst of the bones of the head, standing" as they do between
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Early next summer work will oommence on another new wing, to cost about $30,000, and will serve as part of the hos- pital proper until the whole new hospital is completed. The
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acute peritonitis ensues, and generally proves fatal within forty-eight hours. - When the patient rallies from the faintness and depression immediately following the wound, there
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question of whether we are right or wrong in our opinions," he explained. The full-time plan itself was not an issue. In fact, he
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Atoll (Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1994), 210-214, 270-271. Only fragmentary records of the Medico-Legal Board remain.
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