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The importance of the subject is very correctly and very strik- ingly put by a medical writer of the last century: " If any person

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112. WOODCOCK, 1913 Observations on the Life Cycle of e new flagellate, H. M. and LAPAGE, G. Helkesimastix faecicola nov., gen., sp. nov..

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only partly finished inside. It is situated on a bank near the river oppo- site the rapids and in floods is quite surrounded by water. We were

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of a nerve-cell. P.. Dentate, the odontoid process. P., Ectopterygoid, ihe external pterygoid process of the s])hen<)id. P., Endopterygoid, the internal ptery-

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Rdji-mdn class, twelve of the Nirvisha (non-venomous) species and three of the Vaikaranja (hybrid) species. Snakes born of Vaikaranja parents are of variegated

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notch," and that "the urine passed through the anterior wound till May 29th, through a catheter kept in the bladder." At the

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Tip [East Indian, fever]. Vernacular for trypanosomi- petroleum of Barbadoes of the consistency of molasses Tarantella [tar-an-tel'-ah) \Tarento, a town of Italy].

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other varieties of sewage. The water of ponds is sometimes used, and many houses have a shallow well near the house, and often at a

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condition, the putient Kwcais, knuckleit over on one or both hind, rarely in the fore, fetlocks, falls down and cannot arise except to

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were normal, but on turning these upwards to examine the pos- terior surface of the stomach a considerable amount of clot was

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be expected in any expatriate community representing a slice of America. Surprisingly, delirium tremens, acute alcoholic hallucinosis, alcoholic

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tion unsafe, there is no other means that will so quickly impart vitality and that will tend so much to insure a successful result as

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