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but first a volley of seek-further questions at the patient which elicit the information that such patient passed her days of ap-

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Periostosis, pev-e-os-to'-sis. Inflammatory hypertrophy of bone. Periostotomy, per-e-os-tot'-o-me. See Periosteotomy. Periotic, per-e-o'-tik. Surrounding the ear. P. Bone, the petrou;

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lumbar nerves, and pass through the communicating branches into the Clinically, the above has been demonstrated and I quote this since

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12. McCain, K., and Kirsten, W. H., Cancer Res. 32, 14. Scolnick, E. M., Aaronson, S. A., andTodaro, G. 15. Schlom, J., and Spiegelman, S., Science 174, 840

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ginia ; it is said that he laid out and platted the town in 1836, and it is stated that he built the first house there, also that he was the first mer-

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est à même de donner des sources chinoises qui prouvent que leur emploi était connu en Chine au 13e siècle et qui font croire que c'est de Tlndc

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this letter may have been one of them. It is evident that the letter if genuine, was written near the end of Arnold's life, I can find out nothing

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neuralgic pains. Another ball entered the fifth intercostal space. Respiration is difficult." This pensioner is still on the Roll."

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Beta particles are high-speed electrons having a penetrat- ing power up to S mm. (for phosphorus 32) in tissue, but rhtir effects are primarily restricted to the immediate vicin-

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the arm was kept wrapped in a warm compress. There was still a certain hyperesthesia, the knee-jerks had become less exaggerated. Massage and mechanotherapeutic exercises

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small conscientiousness, cares little for either, how can they live as happily and lovingly together as if both were scrupu-

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however, occurs in one or more places in every edition of the Dietary, so that in all probability it should be attributed rather to accident

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mixing one part of the medicine with four parts of boiling water. They are to be infused four hours and the water strained for

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kannte man schon im XIII. Jahrli. ; weiter bei Chyträus [Cap. 16] die pommer. Dialektform bamsteen [XVI. Jahrb.] Etwas später Bildungen wie Bornstein, Börnstein, Brennenstein,

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the classification is simple. When the skin edges are not excised the operation is delayed primary suture, and when excised it is secondary suture. He found as

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will allow, and whose friends desire it, spend some time annuaUj' at the seaside. Terms vary from 31s. 6d. to 6 guineas a week. Patients of both sexes can have private apartments and special attendants if

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In reporting further work done in Evans's laboratory, RusselP in 1938 stated: "In our own laboratory, in spite of initial successes, more extensive trials in

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connection with the Public Schools on various subjects, especially That there were numerous societies, such as societies for

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be felt striking between the fifth and sixth ribs, about four inches from tlie median line. In this position it rests upon

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Treatment of Ulcers by Anaplasty, in iVeio J ork Jour, of Med., 18.34, Vol. XIII, p. 3tiO) states that Dr. HAMILTON S pro|x>sal had been by him "antici

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Eine pathologisch-anatomische und bacteriologische Abhandlung über eine operirte Fussgeschvvulst, welche sich als eine Neubildung auf den Weichteilen

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From the scanty relics of Anglo-Saxon literature that remain, we are able, howe\-er, to form some idea of their manuscripts are of special interest to us, as thev are

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eight, in whose bladder a metallic sound was broken off. The fractured piece of sound, which measured 17 cm. in length, made its exit from the

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erst nach dem Frühjahr 1848 erstattet wurde, vollkommen widerlegt wird, Dass Schönbein die Bereitungsweise geheim hielt, erhellt auch noch aus

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bottle or a spoon into its, mouth, it is frequently afterward difficult to induce it to suck, and moreover unless milk is poured into the

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„extraordinaires d'insalubrité s'y manifestent: enfin ses ravages sont toujours „en raison de l'état des lieux, des modifications de Tair et des dispositions

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wasted by a disease for which his physician claimed "racial characteristics" were, at least in part, responsible. Shortly

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never performed it. SHARP (S.) (A Treatise on the Op. of Surgery, 1740, p. 220) observes: " There are in armies a great many instances of gunshot wounds

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" The previous history up to the time of his present disease is negative, save for a severe attack of yellow fever in 1888. He fully recovered

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erwähnt: aber schon auf Seite 155 liest man, dass die Frau herumgehen kann „en attendant que les eaux se formeront" und ein wenig weiter

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hervas campestres xerophiias, chegando a ser ate possivel completa silici- Nordeste) em plantas mortas, nas caatingas nordestinas. Para demonstrar

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action. None of the Fifth men was hit at this point, but several of our attached regimental bearers and some of the Sixth and

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been found in urine drawn directly from the bladder. In sev- eral instances cases with smegma bacilli in the urine have been

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and aloes are eccoprotics, and even the gutta gamba is an ingredient in that recommended by Dr. Fordyce, as the other parts of the formula are not very soluble.

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described by Sir Michael Foster as an expositor, rather than an investigator, of science, but even as a teacher, and there were none

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blister be healed, not a moment sliould be lost in putting on a caustic issue. The mere application of caustic has been known

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to try a division of the nerve ; but count of a violent pain in the back at this time Dr. D. administered bone. The symptoms inducing

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Stand in open casks or barrels, and put into each barrel about i pt. each of hickory, (if you have them, if not other bard wood),

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Vegetable poisons are divided into nine varieties, which are de- rived from the roots, leaves, fruits, flowers, bark, milky juice, gum,

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' ions, and particularly the itch ; but if applied to any sore it excites vomiting, and other disagreeable symp- f oms : snuffed up the nose it proves a violent sternuta-

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that, as this is an important constituent of the atmosphere four- fifths of which are nitrogen, it might be imbibed from the air;

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