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beyond all reasonable controversy it remained for them to seek in the shadows of their imagination the solution of the mystery. In
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3. Nerves of special sense in which irritation excites the peculiar sensations of light, sound, taste, etc. Many sensitive nerves arise from
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X<>s, 'hair.' Morbid organization or deficiencj' Porrigo decalvans — t. Athrix, Alopecia — t. D\t>- trix, Distrix — t. Furfuracea. Porrigo furfurans —
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the disease, Huxliain, as we have seen, recommended a vegetable diet for Admiral Martin's sailors in 1717. and Sir Gilbert Blane
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the city. It has long been kno-nm that water containing five or six grains of lime and magnesia to the gallon is much to be preferred for making tea
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burgJdi (rdsnd), saileya (a sort of lichen), zedoary root, and the fruit o£ Aglaia Roxhurghiana (priangu), each eight toids ; and boll
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Parr of Shropshire, England, lived to be 152 years and nine months old. Henry Jenkins of Yorkshire, England, died at the age of 169.
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tpvxpol Kal SvoTrenToi. Littre has the reading of M, and fresh than when dry. The properties of fruits shall pass easily by stool, but when hard they are binding.
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is dealt with very briefly — a half-page — casually that "in the rather rare event of extravasation into the preve,sical space it will be necessary to make a
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especially for the last-mentioned powers which ns efficacy is considerably increased; that they are now administered, and from for it thus becomes a powerful solvent of
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1901 Carroll, Francis Radcliffe, M.B. Camb., Crescent House, Bedford. 1898 Carron, Frederick Burke. Brocknlle, (into no. Canada.
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rheumatism. The latter disease seems more frequently to attack the upper joints of the limbs, and is often accompanied by intense fever and
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Pith. (Sa>:saf)-as medull. 5J : aqtia (frigid.), Oj. Macerate for three hours, and strain. — Ph. U. S.) Infuse for four hours, and strain. — Ph. E.) Dose,
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chyle from returning to the heart, so that it reduces the amount of the chyle below the requirement of healthy blood, or even
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that time is not limited, and that the physician is pre- — L. S. Selling, Orlando, in Jl. Florida Med. Assn., Feb. .\ study is reported of 360 cases of syphilis in each oi
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nity. "We don't care. Furthermore, drop dead." The irony of this lack of response by the Federal Government is potentially telling
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The person goes into a crisis. In many cases the person with AIDS does not have a nuclear family for support. We therefore cre-
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A. Drossman, Dr. William D. Heize, Dr. Kim Isaacs, Dr. R. Neurology - Dr. Colin D. Hall, Dr. James F. Howard Jr. Wesley C. Fowler Jr., Dr. Marc A. Fritz, Dr. David A. Grimes, Dr.
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Kevolutionarj- war, his post became an outfitting place for Indian raids, until it was destroyed by George Sogers Clark, in the fall of 1782.
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tive value only. In fact, Binswanger had before defined such procedures as Realsuggestionen or material suggestions. Common verbal suggestion, says Binswanger, will work some-
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'Czermak: Wien. med. Wochenschr., 1859, ix, 518; 1860, x, 2.57. 'Tiirck: Ztschr. d. k. k. Gesellsch. d. Aerzte zu Wien, 1853, ix, pt. 1,
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engourdi le guérit à Tinslant. Et aussi la racine du Maghrab 5) pitce, contre Tengourdissement et la douleur qu'il peut causer en quelque endroit
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Remedies 1. To scatter poll evil take a handful of man- drake root, bruise and boil, strain and boil down until quite thick;
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Histoire de rhorlogerie depuis son origine jusqu' a nos jours. Precedee de recherches sur la mesure du temps dans I'antiquite et
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der most often occurred following exposure to cold and dampness while the patient was at sea. Malnutrition and chronic insomnia also
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Zealous Anatomist — Dr. Richards' Influence Reflected in Those Whom He Taught — Orpheus Everts, 1826-1903 — Dr. Nichols
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1919 — Os longicorneos brasileiros da subfaniilia Prioninae. 1920 — Longicorneos novos ou pouco conhecidos do Brasil.
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plexua and a branch from the musculocutaneous. It parses down in front of the brachial artery, along the inner aide of the radios to
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sometimes seen, especially in young individuals, on the upper and lower incisor and canine teeth ; it is due to a growth of chromogenic fungi in Nasmyth's cuti-
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Spermatophore, sper'-mat-o-for. Sheath containing spermatozoa. Spermatopoietic, sper-mat-o-poi-et' -ik. Producing semen.
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to control its economic and working conditions. Initial efforts at licensure were defeated by a popular movement of lay healers
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patient's HDL ("good" cholesterol) level unchanged. generally felt bad all the time. He had trouble breathing, could- n't do simple yard work around his home, and was afraid to go
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With a lead acetate .solution (1:51 precipitate the lead solution. Filter, and shake the filtrate for one or two minutes with an equal quantity of fuming hydro-
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bladder. After explorating, the ball was found and extracted (FiG. 223). Its base end was covered with deposits of phosphate
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strange facts are brought to light by scientific in- vestigation ; nevertheless, there are men of our day, illustrated in the account of the Faqiieer HaridaSy
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in Aramco facilities. I can recall that during my first year with Aramco there were always two or three cases of smallpox confined
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experts, in law and medicine, the ideas of the true pathology yet ated manifestations tmproportionate to the injury received; and
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marble grated rounde about with Yron, to the whiche our Lorde lesus Chryste dyd lye in hym selfe vnto in [so] Pylates hall, as the
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the classification is simple. When the skin edges are not excised the operation is delayed primary suture, and when excised it is secondary suture. He found as
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schools in the South, for which taxpayers picked up the major tab, its provisions for development grants in medical education
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■ Vesalius' family name was "Weed," and Foster thinks his mother (bom RENAISSANCE, REVIVAL OF LEARNING, AND REFORMATION 151
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Il est évident que les connaissances anatomiques n'étaienl pas aussi développées que de nos jours. Pourtant les Arabes possédaient certaines
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eussions a nous en repentir." Comparons re passage au sui- vant, pris dans la meme page, et nous jugerons comment deux assertions aussi disparates peuvent se rencontrer dans
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providing that after the lapse of ten years to allow for claims to be made, the residue of the proceeds should be handed over to the Pennsylvania Hospital. The following
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in the witnesses against this man" Sergeant-Major Williams paraded into the orderly room two Imperial military police corporals. As soon as Colonel Farmer saw that the witnesses
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The Peoria Medical Monthly was published in Peoria from 1880 to 1890 The Medical Call was published at Quincy, Illinois, from 1881 to 1888.
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or jointly (> , in any combinationt taken one, two, just before the completion of the process of o;ganic of the Vidajjga (Tandula) and pulverised Yashti-madliu
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ness of the belly, proves rather prejudicial by removing what otherwise tends to support the part aff'ected, which is thereby
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sexual intercourse during thi- period, and the after-results of many such con- nections were looked u})on as manifestations of the contagiousness of the evil
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6 in Scotland, 9 in England and 26.4 per 1,000 in Ireland of all eye patients. The statement about Ireland seems to justify the
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worm (Berjeau) January, 1869. — The first printing-press in England, as pictoriaUy pre- sented. [From] the Book-worm (Berjeau) October, 1869.
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the most, are either not recognized or are inadequately treated. Surgical re- moval of tonsils and adenoids often fails to remedy permanently the conditions