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iliarrhtta alternating with constipation, sensation of an obstruction in the rectum, or luemorrhage. is noticed. In some cases the tumour

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Dr. Gill's interest in croup continued and in 1880 he reported on "The Identity or Non-identity of Membranous Croup and Diphtheria." (Trans.

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genesis is produced in the course of several weeks, the c[uantities absorbed being several times smaller than those which are necessary when three injec-

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and soiling my clothing with a copious foetid discharge of a yellowish color. On July 27th, I was taken on a stretcher to the cars, and rode to New York, and thence on a

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the occurrence of pain or any disturbance in the head the digestive func- tions have been impaired, the bowels confined or irregular and the stools

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plesse normale et le fakir demanda à Kunjeet Singh: „Et maintenant croyez Les faits de ce genre sont tellement extraordinaires que, malgré l'autorité

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usually affects the young hogs in the herd first, while scours, suppurative joint disease and infectious sore mouth are dis-

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Intentional tremor is indicative of spinal cord disease especially disseminated sclerosis. Tremor of the hands and arms is found in Graves

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known temperature by means of a urinometer supplied with thermometer. Acidify slightly with tartaric acid, and add a piece of

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ear, and temple ; and there are six in the cranium.' 2. This detailed enumeration works out a total of 300 bones, ' Tala, kurca, and kantha-nddl are identical with Charaka's ialdka,

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Barker, Ernest Marriott, M.B. Camb., ,S7. Leonards. Barker, George Henry, M.D. Lond., 124, Redland-road, Bristol. Barker, Horace John Maurice Drummond Sale, 1(5, Tite-street,

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Having introduced our young people to each other, let us leave them prepared in the best possible manner to make marriages too well known to demand explanation or discus-

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Dr. H. E. Handcrson 3) (Those interested should see the article by \V. B. Scott, British Journal of Homoeopathy Vol. 33, 1875, p. 417, and

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cooled in a decoction of the three myrobalans for seven times in succession, is rubbed with human milk and used in various eye

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A preparation is best dried by a current of free air, shining varnish maybe laid on it with a brush. While drying, if animalcules appear, the .part may be wetted

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those of the mouth, for hemorrhages, and for represhing fungous flesh. Of chalcitis, of misy, of both in a crude state, dr. xx ;

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Don't marry a girl whose chief aim in life is dress ; who hangs around dry goods or millinery stores like butterflies around a gorgeous flower.

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cases, prefer to extract the loose fragments, and to secure free admission of air to the capsule of the joint by means of insertion of an appropriate siphon.

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ferior do sulco ungueal das cheliceras com dois dentes e superiores com Cephalothorax amarello-pallido com uma faixa parda mediana, que

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kommt Verfasser zur Besprechung der einzelnen Abschnitte des Buches und bemüht sich, das über die Bedeutung der wesentlichsten Begriffe Sicher-

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(inr eutn where the nature of tlic tumor can be cortoinlv dctenninod during Ufa If tho ftjmiptorm of cerebral tumnr oncur in a pemm ivba

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Each such outbreak came to an end after a certain time, leaving a vary- ing proportion of survivors. Further additions of normal mice were followed

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ably instances of the so-called spontaneous or intrauterine amputation ; and Nos. 28, 29, "Then follow five instances of genital abnormalities (Nos. 32-36), consisting of absence

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leather carrying a cue around the pool- or billiard-table. It belongs to men of sober brains, men who never tire of anatomy

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Bj'mptoms." He is not a pensioner, and tho hospital record gives the diagnosis " chronic diarrlKra." without indication of any wound.

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nerve-center, and efferent path became converted into a "reflex arc," requiring a sensory neuron centered in the ganglia of the

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Rabelaisin (rab-el-a'-is-in'). A glucosid isolated by Rabies. (See Illus. Diet.) R., Street, Pasteur's term for the rabies of dogs infected naturally. Fr. Jiage des

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alleged that faocal extravasation is uncommon in shot wounds of the intestine. Mr. Erichsen s assumptions (op. cit., 1859, 1st Am. ed., p. 328; 6th ed., 1872, Vol. I, p. 509)

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in a steamer, lasted a day longer than ordinary, and was one of the most dreadful and annoying I have ever experienced; We .were overtaken by a tempest, by which the vessel

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pulse, soft and tender ; and it keeps best in large ves- sels, in cold places, and in earthen or glass jars. grains of alum to each pint, and thvis the water is not

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' The square brackets [ ] show the new matter inserted in the 2n(l oditiou of 1586. ' M. A. Lower, in Sussex Archccol. Collect io7is, vi.

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Mart., of IJrazil, has an a.stringent bark, and the sap is an East Indian tree; the bitter bark is used in diarrhea anliperiodic, the oil from the seeds is anthelniimic and

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— iill it with live cliarcoal, mix the iron with half its weight of (Swind Maaker) the common Pyritic iron ore, mix tliem in the juice of the

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traction from little masses of fat must be received with caution, for it is a curious fact that many pathological conditions of the colon —

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Some took injections of .25 to ice. in the pectoral muscles with Chickens that had fasted 24 hours, took each daily for 3 days,

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inch and a half broad, keeled, produced in the spring along with the capsules. Flowers several, bright-purple, with a white tube appearing

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Goodwin, Edward Knox. Surbiton-road, Kingston-on-Thames. Goodwin, Frederick Charles, M.I). Durh., Kingston-on-Thames. Goodwin, Frederick William, M.D., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada,

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chez nous et en général dans le reste de TEurope c'est le noir qui est venu s'imposer, à travers les siècles, quand on prend le dueil.

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wine may, he thinks, be added to each draught of water. the more so, as the climate, season, and constitution of the patient are warm ; for it cools, blunts acrimony, and

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i-esult that the light was very uncertain. This was a great annoyance in the operating rooms, the only alternative being

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in that beautiful old village of Grimsby he was the architect of a life whose fragrance dwells in the memories of its people.

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by the pressure of a load of fa3ces in the constipated rectum, and the daily efforts to expel them. These causes, all acting

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gard to the origin of epidemic diseases. During 1702-05, southern Italy was visited by a series of earthquakes (described by Baglivi) which destroyed some

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and at the same time applies it to those parts of the body which are 53 Ukubambezela means to bring the disease to a stand (ukumisa),

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Im Anschluss an seinen Untorsuchungsbericht giebt der Verfasser im Anhange einen ausführlichen Abriss der geschichtlichen Nachrichten über

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been held at Paris (1905), Washington (1908), and Rome (1911). Revue. Since the gift of the Phipps Institute in 1903, the sub

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