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identifying information deleted by health departments and the case identified by a code number. Patient names already recorded at the

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lobe represent early stages of microbial localization which would ultimately have led to small focal or even a lobular aspiration pneumonia. The extensive red and gray hepatization is

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Nervous. — Neuritis of the sciatic nerve is common, and it is acute. Circulatory. — The red cells may fall to three millions or less. There

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Henceforwardsi just as the sun in the great universe shines, illuminates, illuminating its athanor, with all the instruments, and warming the sea-bath,

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be relied upon for the discrimination between different forms of syphilis of the central nervous system. They simply indicate the existence of an

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six hours preceeding a paroxysm, and then pursue the abor« I have given the foregoing treatment for fevers, because 1 know that it is applicable in all cases, and that the articles

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durch einen Bericht und Proben, die er an Dr. Erasmus Wilson in Eng- Durch Dr. Erasmus Wilson wurde aber wohl nur der Name Kollodium

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Sanders, Alfred WUliam, M.D. fjond., Pretoria, Transvaal. Sanders, Edward Arthur, 45, Ahington-street, Northanqnon. Sanders, James Herbert, M.D. Brussels, South Molion, Devon.

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was used as a cure for gout, and may have been colchicum. which the habits of the time made prevalent through every class of

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should arrange them in the following order, from the Bell on Ulcers, edit. 3, p. 17 36, 47 S3 ; Cullen's First Lines, edit. 4, vol. i. p. 2 1 1 ; Kirkland's Medical

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tures of the organism described by Bordet and Gengou has been employed by several observers, who report favourably on its use.

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caeca, diarrhoea, brownish, yellowish or greenish areas of degen- eration of the liver, and congestion with blackish discoloration of

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wird also nicht gesagt. Lässt sich das genannte Verfahren wegen zu festen Standes des Kopfes nicht leicht ausführen, so soll die Hand bis au den

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1895 Vivian, John Henry Fercival, oO, Brook-green, w. 1884 Voisin, Alexander Bishop, St. Heliers, Jersey. 1892 Voisin, Ernest Ormond Bishop, St. Heliers, Jersey.

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procedures for the review of risk. These were widely implemented by researchers and institutions that used isotopes obtained from the AEC for

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Fl(i. 4:!7. Cicatrix a fortnight after an excision at the While multiplying illustrations of this most interesting advance in modern surgery,

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a stick at the patient, but, above all, by the test of presenting a ing eyes, dashes himself on his supposed enemy and bites viciously,

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their contents to trickle out, others dry up; in the latter case, as the middle pari driea first, tbe umbiUcation is Bometimos renewed. Ilie

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chiefly to the left or the mid-line ; it is dull on percussion, but may be crossed by the resonant stomach, and is separated from the li\-er by a

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Locally the patella is found to be outside the external lip of the trochlea, and its internal ligaments are extremely tense.

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means of cotton wadding with continued extension or plaster apparatus is applied for two or three months, but four or five months more are

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squeezeable voters the protection of the Ballot, I add Thomas's "This maner of geuyng theyr [the great Council's] voices by The Venetian

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endroits humides et boisés à nous anémier. Toutefois, il faut recon- aedes ; ne sont pas tous très .nuisibles. La filariose et le paludisme

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speaking. You teach boys to swim, as Billings said, by "throwing them into tiu> water." The books, facts, and dates .are as nothing in comparison with

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hypophysis were followed by intramuscular injection of cafFein and camphor Bie's investigations at the Blegdam Fever Hospital concern : (1) the

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the upper part of the back, immediately secure from compression, under the rhomboideus. It arises, by a Sesnmoidal bones. See Sesamoid bones.

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bating fevers. See Morton de Febribur, Senac de Re- a joint,') that part of the stalks of plants which are be- tween two joints or knots ; in anatomy the knuckles,

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Rachicocainization [ya-ke-io-ka-in-i-za'-shiiii) [pav'f, spine ; cocainizafioii']. The induction of anesthesia by the injection of a solution of cocain hydrochlorate

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3. Calomel 8 gr., arsenic 8 gr., tin filings 1 oz., Venice 4. Common salt i oz., gentian 2 dr., rust of iron 2 dr., savin 1 dr., treacle to form a ball ; to be given every

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in modern times, but which, from personal observation, I can affirm not to be true ; namely, that the hen chips the shell to

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Page 120-121. Second line from bottom and second line from top of Page 431. In caption should be "Dr. Drude" instead of "Dr.

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Mildiu, designacao collectiva das doencas causadas por fungos das Miniado, que e da cor vermelha muito viva ; de zarcao, de cinabrio.

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palate, and of the naso-pharynx. The whole throat is then inflamed ; the nose and sometimes the eyes discharge, and there is difficulty in

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the inHuenee of ether and chloroform. Surgeon N R. Jloseley, II. S. V., then enlarged the wound by a straight incision, and

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Edinburgh, Buda-Pesth, Paris; m. Euphemia Hislop, Prestonpans, 1849; prize-taker in all classes at Marischal Coll., Aberdeen; first

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For25patientsweekly, interrved,tucks,pock'ts,Ac., 1 25 ThiB VLsiting-List has now been published twenty-six years, and has met with such uniform aud liearty approval from the

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\V. M. James' deals with the identification of entama-ba' by simpU clinical microscopical methods in unstained samples of stools. In tli<

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the disease, Huxliain, as we have seen, recommended a vegetable diet for Admiral Martin's sailors in 1717. and Sir Gilbert Blane

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otanic Gardens: Ann. Missouri Botan. Garden, St. Louis, 1915, ii, 18.5-240 otany: E. II. F. Meyer: "Geschichte der Botanik" (4 v., Konig.sberg, 1854).

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versation " under seventeen heads — A tactful compromise — Franklin's generosity — The paper goes to the Cabinet — Lord

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rigid and immoveable, and the person cannot speak, eat, or drink. 14. "UTien air enters the blood-vessels of the head, the vessels

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pieces of bone, through an incision made through the integuments. Iltcuioptysis and profuse lucmorrhage from the intercostal

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JEclopto'sis vesi'ccB, (F.) Renversement de la vessie. dew, in the areolae of the different textures, or at i| hence called Ex'ogens — in which the wood Ib

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mean are presented. Cardiac output (Q), aortic pressure (A), and pulmonary artery pressure (P) are presented as percentages of the control value. Pressures for pulmonary

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dactylia has an endogenetic origin and is the result of an "anlage" defect of the carpal and tarsal tissue rays. The initial hemorrhage from the capillaries is probably

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ipcH'uc, mix vomica, and \\\v like. This nictliod, which chd as much liarm as that of Broussais, had to run its course, and, like the

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poured on, stir them well, and let it stand 3 hours, and draw ofl by a faucet ; put in 7 gals, more of water at 180 to 182 ° ; stir it

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1889. Charles Meymott Tidy, M.B., for bis Avork on " Legal 1894. Thomas Erskixe Hollaxd, D.C.L., for bis Avork on 1899. JoHX Dixo.v Maxx, ]\I,D., for his Avork on " Forensic

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shock was so severe as to injure the groin and entire hip, and also to cause the left testis to swell badly, rendering it painful."

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infants, then, hydraemia does not necessarily cause diuresis. W. C. Ambebg, S., and Mayeb, M. E. The isolation of a substance from urine

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il en est d'autres qui en prescrivent au contraire, et nous allons exposer Celles qui, au début [de la période fébrile], boivent un mélange de madhuka

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Reserving the account of the accidents and injuries not inflicted by war-weapons, the materials will be arranged, as far as practicable, on that generally accepted principle of

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tusion of the OS sacrum and abdomen in the mother from a fall, with fracture an instance of rupture of the abdomen of a fetus by a fall of the mother ;

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that the GEB might add a million dollars to the Johns Hopkins medical school endowment and that he was there to study the

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then the disease disappears for long intervals, perhaps wholly. The cause is ascertained by some small pieces of apparent membrane passing through the trocar. See

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