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(intestines). An injury to or piercing of such a duct (Srota), gives rise to tympanites, colic pain, aversion to food, vomiting, thirst, blindness or darkness of vision, or

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gonorrhoea. This is a combination of sahcylic acid and sandal-wood oil which spUts up in the intestines. It is a bright yellow oil, with a

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tatif innomine, Trigemini — n. Guttural, Palatine nerve — n. Honteux, Pudic nerve — n. Irien, Ciliary nerve — n. Ischio-clttorien, Pudic nerve — i. Ischio-

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may get fixed in the sponge and be brought up. Leonidas orders suppurative cataplasms to be applied, such as those from raw barley-flour, in order that the part may be converted

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recall the human form are in this manner produced. Vett having the ruiture of a fish, they live in the waters and rejoice

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" at the top of the branches stand many small flowers, as it were in a long spike oue above another, made like little birds, of a reddish puiple

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we could always find in it, when required, a firm support contribue aussi plus d'une fois a fortifier tout le corps : elie

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Mercurials are, we believe, injurious, if we proceed beyond the slightest doses, to give a general tone to the arterial system. For the same purpose chalybeates are

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quemadniodum in vesicao calculo consueverit, atque ita grumas cducere." In the sixth century (A. I). 5.">0), yKTR S (Tetrabibloi,

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autem intelligendum est, quod secundum diversitatem vaporum & corporum, diversae febres generantur : quoniam si corpus est plethoricum, calidum &

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This last is often the result of affectation, or a foolisil ] habit, not easy to be conquered when once acquired. Im the preceding genus, Uie iinpcrfV-ction or depnivity,

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function of the thyroid gland is to neutralize a substance produced in the body, the accumulation of which, has a toxic influence on the nervous

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of it survives in Pasteur's theory of the origin of epidemics from strengthening or weakening of viruses by environmental condi-

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445) reports that : " In the case of Kilian, wounded October 28, 1762, the ends of the radius and ulna, of the wrist and metacarpus, were shattered by a howitzer

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plicatum, 'to fold.') Duplica'tio, £>uph'e"it<u, and, by its various expansions — the falx cerebri, bottle or tin canister, to the mouth of which it is

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that there are considerable stretches of speculation in the 92. Particularly important is the question, how frequently such hemorrhages as those found by Mott in Case 197 occur.

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Names and Chief Synonyms, Physical Form and Appearance, Solubili- ties, Percentage Strengths .and Physiological Effects, Thera-

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observes in conclusion : " I can incision. The annexed case is confidently say, that in the major- selected, as remarkable for its

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resembling one or the' other parent, and possessing in butes of tlie other. The second cross will result in fixed possesses a definite internal structure, which in every

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qu'acquiert sous les tropiques cette classe d'affections, auxquelles les découvertes récentes de la parasitologie donnent encore un intérêt nouveau.

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for that ; and of the hardening of the liver. He who is wounded in the liver, if he be not sooner cured, then purulent matter. If the man swollen in tlie liver, or

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resting on the surface, as that of calamus, or blood-root. A tuber is an enlargement of the apex of a subterranean branch of

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note any symptom of disease that may be present. The attendant should walk the animal straight away from the person making

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triturate until the metal disappears, and add 12 oz. more Weaker Mercnrial Ointment. 1. Sti'ong mercurial ointment 2. Quicksilver 2 oz., balsam of sulphur \ oz. ; rub

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to determine with something like unerring accuracy, and speed- ily, the character of the suitor who may seek to win the affec-

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monsters which at first made us afraid, and upon which the boldest savages dare not long rest their ej'cs. They are as large as a calf : they

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the left ilium, passed through the bladder, and lodged in the region of the sacrum. Treatment by Buck s method." This man

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1906 Scott, Geiald Claude, 24, Hoghton-street, Souihport. 1905 Scott, Harold Munro, 196, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde-parlc. av

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with injuries of the chest, adverted to on page 635 of the first Surgical Volume, will CASE 100. Private E. Gorman, llth Connecticut, was wounded at New Berne, March 14, 1862, by a large shell fragment.

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officers for neuropsychiatric service, those men did best both during their postgraduate work and in base hospitals and in

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but, like the Spiritualists and Theosophists of our own time, dis- dained to make any practical use of their superior knowledge,

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occupied half the trunk, from the ribs to the trochanter, and from the vertebral column to the pubis. An autopsy revealed a double rupture in the

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Mental Therapeutics, Suggestion by FRANCIS X. Dercum' M.D., Ph.D., Philadelphia. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston's Son The importance of rest in the treatment of disease is well

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bral plexus and as pointed out above, would be affected by a lesion in the upper cervical region. The posterior meningeal, is a small branch of

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distort the carrying out of clinical research. . . ."' 5 In deference to physician autonomy and traditional regard for the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship,

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must have often been seen in any sen-ice and even in civil practice, and if they have not been detailed it is because surgeons have not thought them

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alteration of the muscles, then assumed a lesion in the anterior horn of th(> spinal cord, finally, under pressure of current opinion, returned to his original

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Two fragments remain in situ dejiressed one luie. These fragments are covered by a thin, granular, niortai--like layer of calcareous matter. The specimen was

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the stomach " ; No. 2, " to retain the internal vital heat of the system, and cause a free perspiration"; No. 8, "to scour the

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ments and applications of bacteriology in France, Germany and England. The names of Pasteur, Lister and Koch are barely mentioned in the

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tions of the glands : bubo being an inflammation of a gland ; phygethlon, an inflammatory erysipelas, or an erysipelatous in-

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ANOTHER Another mode that is highly recommended for making hens lay, is to keep them separated from the rooster; give each half an ounce a day of fresh meat, chopped up like sausage-

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The complaint of neglect was not confined to Vincennes. With this letter, Hamtramek inclosed one from John Edgar, in which he complains

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and the persons are said to die broken hearted. One instance is recorded, if we mistake not, by Dr. Whytt, We can easily conceive that the diminished power of

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