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Atlas subtitle reads: Atlas celeste chinois et grec d'apr&s le T'ien-youen-li'-li. 71966 Materiaux pour servir a I'histoire comparee des sciences mathe-

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careous phosphat, sulphat, and muriat of lime, with oxide of iron. An ounce of cantharides, in this way, afforded one drachm two grains of the black insoluble

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read as follows : " Deucalion cast stones behind liim and thus fashioned our tender race from the hard marble. How comes it that nowadays, by a reversal

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(2) The concept [sic] of the human subject shall be in writing; his signature shall be affixed to a written instrument setting forth substantially the

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Edition, revised and enlarged. 145 illustrations, 3 00 Clay's Handbook of Obstetric Surgery. 101 illus.. 2 00 enlarged. 132 illustrations. Cloth, 4.00; Leather, 5 00

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An Englishman by birth, was a member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England. He was Surgeon to the Glengarry Light Infantry Regiment, which was for a time stationed at Kingston

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the syndrome itself and in sharing your knowledge and experience Our second panel consists of representatives from affected com-

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is very hard, as much of the stone as of the medicine may be discovered in it. In many instances the sub- stances are levigated with water, and suffered to dry

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June 27, 1370, with a gunshot wound of the abdomen. The bullet entered about two and a half inches to the right of the left

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throw a welcome light on the hitherto obscure and half-mvthical history of Hen nig, Brand, John Kunckel and Jolin Kraft. The first of these began life

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that they could inflict on the colt and very injurious to a young horse that has been used to running in pasture with his head down.

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bursa and synovial bursa are used intercbangeabljr. Aponeuroses are flattened bands of white fibrous tissue whidi envelop, in common, all the muscles of one or several adjoining

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HoFSTADT, P. tJber Spat- und Dauerschiiden nach Encephalitis epidemica im Kindesalter. Ztschr. f. KinderheilJc, 1921, 29, 272-305.

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average dose of emetine hydrochloride to cure a patient was 2 gr.. against 406 gr. of ipecacuanha. He discusses the question of the

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ciently prolonged, is a perfect remedy. The best season to sub- merge is in autumn (September and October), when the lice are yet

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mer; and it is panicularly strong in June, during the QoweriDg of the vine, and in August, when ihc grape begins to ripen.

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The first inquiry he made was about my passport ; I pro- duced it, and after a strict examination of its contents, he began to question me, why I had let seven days pass without

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activity of the liver-cells which in consequence of injury lose their ability to secrete bile in the direction of the bile-ducts ; a conseijuence of which is the diffu-

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Umb is dressed and placed in a trough of Gooch's splinting, which is three or four days the rope is slackened to allow the end of the splint

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is highly efficacious in pains of the jaws (Hanu and of the Manyd, and acts as a good cure for head -ache and subdues the actions of the deranged Vdyu. Sneha (oil)

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and Jefferson, West Pa.; grad. Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1865; m. 1888, Sophia B. Braun ; editor and publisher Cincinnati Lancet-Clinic

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)eath, deth. Cessation of life. D., Black, the plague. D., Mo'lar, necrosis, gangrene. D., Molec'ular, death of individual cells.

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is usually derived from xoXfj, bile, and which cartilage is employed to keep the piu, to flow; or it may be from xoXtpa,, bones together.

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rare, and because the condition is very apt to become chronic. The degree of anuria and the respiratory difficulty are of great

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not to operate upon the belly or the internal parts, and do not bleed from the veins supplying the womb in women. When 8

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that is closely connected to the bones of the chest, with obscure pains, coughs, and or suppression of urine, from stricture in after the employment of a few proper re-

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ixiary imcleinic acid occumng in semen ; it contains xan- thin, hypo.\anthin, anil adeiiin as bases, and gives rise to levulinic acid. A., Spbacelinic, an acid, regarded

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of the liver was very much lacerated, the substance of this portion of the organ being reduced to a pulp, breaking down under

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other organs, including the liver, intesUnes. etc.. of sheep, goats, Which atomach of the ox Is most often affected by diseased conditions

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beyond what were then the city limits, first to require warning cards in cases of diphtheria and scarlet fever, first to establish in Chicago a public labora-

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pacemaker-like device in the chest that is connected to an electrode implanted in the brain. Deep Brain Stimulation ther-

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must make an oblique incision, not straight from above down- wards, with a sharp scalpel, so that when the blood is evacuated

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breeding animals .should be marketed. Cows and mares should Infected males should not be used for service. The male should receive the necessary attention in tlie way of irrigating

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"Verzeichniss der wiederholt benutzten Abkiirzungen (Druckwerke. — Nicht ver- Carl Snyder .... London, New York, [etc.], Longmans, Green

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their contents to trickle out, others dry up; in the latter case, as the middle pari driea first, tbe umbiUcation is Bometimos renewed. Ilie

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and acromion, in a boy of 17 years, with caries, i>reser\-ing a useful arm (Am. Jour, of Med. Sci., 1801); in 18:t7. Musscy excised the scapula for an

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Oribasius makes mention of only three modes of dislocation at the ankle ; namely, inwards, outwards, and backwards. According to Albucasis, dislocation at the ankle can only take

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two people who had been administrators of the National Institutes of Health during the 1950s, since they were intimately involved with ethical and legal

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through the cannula, so that its point is free in the centre of the blood stream, into which a few drops of the virulent solution are

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five hundred francs was taken in daily. Sergeant Sharpe and Private Rosser were the canteen clerks and had some great trips