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attacks than men; and, sometimes, they result in apoplexy, epi- Symptoms. — The symptoms are a sudden deprivation of all
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of self-control. As soon as the discharge w'as re-established, these symptoms would disappear. On October 28th, the patient
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passed through and emerged at superior angle of scapula. On May 21st, gangrene set in at orifice of exit, and on May 22d
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Presbyterian Hospital and the Chicago Orphan Asylum. He translated Arlt's "Clinical Diseases of the Eye." According to one Chicago pioneer
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size. From their cut surface we may aerape off a eloudy grayish pulp. This pulp ronRists of epithelial cells mrollen by atbutninous
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number of cases of supposed appendicitis have subsequently proved to be merely stone in the right kidney or ureter. Usually the clinician
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limbs, the greater majority being larger on the right, and in his measure- ments he excluded those having obvious disease such as flat-foot,
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It will be noticed that the use of the scratch-stick, at least among the tribes of America, seems to be confined to the male sex; but the
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the mbtequent >tepa of the opcrtlionj ooly a part of the Tein «ra« exposed. The Ktcrno hyoid mutcic was next divided, and
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cervical lesions and in a bad climate is hard to cure. Hay fever, being a vaso-motor disease, is explained in a similar way.
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pharmaceutiques. Bien peu certainement de la Perse, où les connaissances médicales étaient fort restreintes. En eflfet, Cyrus (599 — 529 avant J. C),
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phoaphoruiT, which he did in quantity, Leibnitz celebrating the cveut iti a. Brand however, was disapjjoiutcd with the results of his visit and complained
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Melia {7ne' -le-ah ) \_p.Ovia, the ash-tree, on account of the similarity of its leaves]. A genus of the order Melia cece. M. azadirachta, L. , Indian elder, lilac
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ficulty, and with a noise hke that of a wild bullock. He becomes low-spirited, his eyes are always moving about ; his mouth open,
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means of cotton wadding with continued extension or plaster apparatus is applied for two or three months, but four or five months more are
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usual, and as much as 5 m.h.d. not uncommon. It is probable that active serum methods owe their greater delicacy to this factor and not to inacti vation
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De la Motte. Demonstration zweier forensischer Falle. Neurol. Centralbl., De Lapersonne. La reeducation des aveugles de guerre. Presse med., Par.,
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mitted to the Indian with great rapidity and their routes of invasion were frequently difficult to follow. No one, with any degree of accuracy, can
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will be treated in the sequel of the present dissertation. There exists, however, a rather different recension of the Non-medical
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condition, or the fact that he has already been operated on without benefit, thiouracil is much more promising as an arresting agent than anything we have ever had before.
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and mater, from its being supposed to be the membranes of the body ; afterwards it tle holes, from which emerge fleshy-colour- toration.
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were Drs. E. Gregory, surgeon, and M. L. Linton, J. B. Johnson and T. Papin. "It should be here stated that the professional services of
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formed; both prejudice recovery. It is not possible to relieve salt-deficiencv dehydration without giv- solution are given, there is a risk of water poison-
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Blood Supply of Arm — On the right arm we obtain a glimpse of the blood supply of the arm; we sec the brachial artery giving off numerous
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of mania-a-potu are curable. Third and fourth attacks are often fatal, or Divide into 12 pills. Take one every two or three hours
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riod'icus, &c., commences at the superciliary fora- et intermit' tens, Hemicra'nia scBva, Infra-orhitar ■neuralgia, Tic douloureux, is chiefly felt in the
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Myelosyphilosis (mi-el-o-sif-il-o'-sis). Syringomyelia. Myelotherapy \mi-el-o-the)-'-ap-e'). The therapeutic poison]. Char.tcteristic of or pertaining to the sub-
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j sure upon the principal nerve-trunks or blood-vessels of the parts Tuerck's Bundle. A tract of nerve-fibers passing from the cortex
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the siibclavian and axillary. sence of the cough, watery eye, running SCARBOROUGH W\TER. A ferru- at thr nose and sneezing, which are the
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Abscess, of the Ear. (96) — It is so liable to extend to the brain that a surgeon should be called early. The same remedies as
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became composed, and his strength improved, this unnatural manifestation of consciousness disappeared, and he ultimately regained his health.
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Die Verbindung des Karolandes mit der Tiefebene von Deli in den letzten Jahren darf wohl als die Ursache des Verschleppung der Syphilis
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exactes et les moins dénaturées par l'ignorance ou la fantaisie des coloristes. Parmi les manuscrits grecs de Dioscoride avec figures, conservés dans les
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forty years after the attack of the fever. In some cases there were no clinical symptoms of typhoid fever, but, in this connection, the
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disability rated at three fourths, without likelihood of im))rovemeiit. Case. — Sergeant Major Edwin A. Gordon, 57th Ohio Volunteers, was wounded near Vicksburg. Mississippi, December
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6 in Scotland, 9 in England and 26.4 per 1,000 in Ireland of all eye patients. The statement about Ireland seems to justify the
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families tlirough a long series of years; a fact that itcems, like the preceding one, to imply some hereditary difierouces
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look proudly with sleek countenance. In presence of the sick they do not chatter and vaunt their own medicines. They perceive that the work should
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recommended. These vaunted qualities of certain mixtures is to encourage the patient, as well as the practitioner ; and their ineffici-
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and objectively state, "That is hot; if you touch it, it will burn you." He does, it does, and a valuable lesson is learned. Interestingly and yet naturally,
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was coming, for the two were seen on confidential terms, and Hansen made the house his headquarters for more than five years after. Cockrum
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and encouraged lifestyle modifications, including diet and exercise, adjusted medications according to pre- specified algorithms and reminded patients of their
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Sometimes cultural factors can prevent individuals from discerning what they are morally required to do and can therefore mitigate the blame we would
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sei ein Mittel zur weiblichen Unfruchtbarkeit (V. d. Unfruchtbarkeit, § 243). Er benutzt dies als Pessarium, nicht, wie vielfach angegeben,
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the services of doctors were in great demand, primarily due to two reasons: (1) a general dearth of competent physicians for general practice, and (2)
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CI. d. k. bayer. Akad. d. Wissensch., Munchen, 1889, xix, 118-124 (C. von Voit). — Ann. d'ocul., Brux., 1889, cii, 5-107, port. (J .-P. Nuel). —
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know mineraU arid metals, he should clearly realLse that they are not alwajii lo be sought in the common and familiaj- minerar, nor in the depths of mountains, because they are very often found more easily, and in greater abundisnce, upon
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having the instruction and guidance of that prince of Canadian medical teachers, Dr. John Rolph. After obtaining his license