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cours du College de France, cree en 1864). — La theorie mecanique de la chaleur et la chimie. — Les matieres explosives: leur decouverte et les progrfes successifs de leur con-
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varied. These are the strongest of the natural causes of difference, and next the country in which one lives, and the waters ; for,
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this was done nationwide, it would amount to $25 million, or $30 Mr. Weiss. We will try to tie that down tomorrow, when we have
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first lime. The arrangement of the subject-matter, the foot-notes, and index are beyond criticism. As a true model of what a modern text-book on obstetrics should be, we feel
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et j'ai aussi lieu de remarquer que le savant anatomiste de Zurich ne pouvait être ni plus profond dans ses vues, ni plus rigoureux dans sa
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ease in which its vegetable cause happens to develop upon the chin of an adult, male patient. A great amount of irritation is usually set up,
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rheumatism. The latter disease seems more frequently to attack the upper joints of the limbs, and is often accompanied by intense fever and
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sympathy, and insight for the physician, in its demands that he individualize, not generalize, in his measures. An utterance
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Sper'matin. An odorous, mucilaginous matter in semen. Sperm atitis, sper-mat-i'-tis. Inflammation of the vas deferens. Spermatoblast. One of the nuclei of a daughter-cell.
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shows deep-seated corruption ; that the writer wrote a debased Greek ; that he was a lecturer who jotted down heads of discourse, and fragments of sentences
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elongated vertically and is irregularly triangular. The external face shows a convex surface ending below in the BupermaxillBry spine ; the infra-orbital foramen. The internal face
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are derived from white rami communicantes of the anterior roots of certain of the lumbar nerves, which join the sympathetic chain and
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On covet and on atlas t.-p.: Paris, F.AIcan,A5selin& Hoiueau, J. B. Bailliire& ills, Hecker, Justus Friedrich Earl, 1 795-1 850. S6ZO.9 J800
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Case. — Private Anthony IT. Rabell, Co. I, 83il Pennsylvania Volunteers, aged 27 years, was wounded at Spottsylvania, on May 14th, admitted to Ilarewood Hospital, Washington. Supporting treatment, with rest and (|Uiet, was adopted. He was
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de Med., t. xv., p. 193 ; et Med. Clinique, t. iv. et. v. ; et Anatom. Pathol., 8vo. Pans, 1829 ; et Cours de Pathol. Interne. Pans, 1836, 3 vols., vol. i. — Trolliet, in Archives
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Philadelphia. Price per pad, blanks for fifty operations, 50 cents net. Medical Publications of W. B. Saunders <3t Co, 1
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Willd., a climbing shrub of India ; the oil from the Celiacomesenteric [se-le-ak-o-mez-en-ter'-ik). Relat- Celianeurysm (se-le-an'-u-rizin') \_KOi\ia, the belly ;
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Treatment : Antiseptic inhalations of the vapor of eucalyptus, tar, carbolic acid or turpentine. Intratracheal irrigation with a
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Muir, Joseph Corbett, M.D. Camb., St. George's Infirmary Muirliead, James, M.B. Durh., 69, Unskill-terrace, North Shields
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glands were all negative. He thinks it probable that the parasite of sleeping-sickness closely resembles in its life history the parasite of
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The sling nuith four heads should be four feet in length : ' the breadth that of six or eight fingers. Its use is to retain the dressing on the wounded head. It must be
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varied. These are the strongest of the natural causes of difference, and next the country in which one lives, and the waters ; for,
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those of the nose and palate. In these modern works syphilis is divided into three varieties ; one of which is characterized by the ap-
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■till better hi infuaion, which ihould be made very strong; \i is thick phlegm, is beisg incisive. An iafuaioa of the accda ia
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came to Illinois in 1840. Having done collegiate work in the schools of his native city and Cannonsburg, he was well-qualified to take up
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advent of World War II, when the opportunity appeared to enlist in an officers training program offered by the navy for college
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to bend readily. Then the graft should be removed in be no difficulty in closing it with one piece, but when larger the graft is roughly Y-shaped, and this must be so
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Tube — t. Opticus, see Optic nerves — t. Respi- , in a spiral manner, which transmits the filaments It is in thin, vermiform pieces ; and does not form
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• Balfour: Jour. Anat. and Physiol., Lend., 1876-8, passim. and of tho invortobrate order of Tunicata are identical. He also demonstrated
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to trust himself to impromptu speeches. Blood pressure — 220 systolic, 1 50 diastolic. ... At the 1. The patient had chronic indigestion, particularly when traveling,
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manger des mets très chauds. Si vous prenez des aliments chauds, ne buTez pas immédiatement après de Teau très froide. Nettoyez toujours les dents de
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value of "bleeding" and said "as elsewhere, in medio tutissimus ibis." Speaking of caries of bone, White referred to Dr. Gunn's suggestion of
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seeds are more or less heart-shaped, flattened, about 2 inches in diameter, with a shining, brown surface. They are used by some hill
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is not every one who will acknowledge that this fcetus exists in the centre : least of all will those disciples of the philosophers who have no other
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Desejo apenas, com esta nota, divulgar urn processo commodo para se criar em captiveiro pequenos animaes, sobretudo insectos,
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will use the same draughts afterwards. At the bottom, there- fore, they do not know, neither those using unstrained ptisans,
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Rush worth, Frank, M.D. Lond., 153, Finchley-road. n.av. 1886 Russell, George Herbert, 1, St. Stephens-road, Upton Park. e.
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